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World Stage prides itself on providing only top-quality articles and timely information to our readers.  If you think your writing is exemplary, your wit is sharp, and your luck is with you, fill out the form below.  Our team of authors will review your work and, if it passes the bar, we’ll publish it.  Seriously, don’t submit junk.  You’ll be wasting your time and ours both.  Here are some other guidelines to help you know what we’re looking for:

  1. World Stage focuses on current events, fashion, gossip, U.S. lifestyle, breaking news, beauty, and other similar topics.  Please make your article fit into this framework.
  2. Articles can be of any length but they need to tell the complete story.  Sometimes a complete story can be told in 100 words.  Sometimes it takes 800 words.  You choose, but choose wisely.
  3. Your article should be unique.  We don’t want something that’s published elsewhere already.
  4. Read, re-read, and re-re-read the first sentence on this page.  We’ve got no time for poorly written junk.  We’ll just delete it and not even reply to your email.
  5. You must include an appropriate image with your article.  Let me say that again…  You MUST include an appropriate image with your article.  Notice that our site theme requires an image with each post.  We’re way too busy to chase all over the internet looking for a pretty picture to put with your words.  That’s your responsibility.
  6. Yes, you may put one or two links in your article.  Don’t go overboard.  We decide what “overboard” means.
  7. If you try to link to porn, gambling, or anything else that’s questionable, you’ll be banned from our site.
  8. Include a byline.  Our readers like to know if the article comes from staff or from a guest author.  If you don’t include a byline we’ll write one for you and use your real name and email address.  No lie.  Include a byline.
  9. We may edit your article for anything that we feel like editing.  We may also flat out reject your article for a reason not listed here.  It’s our site.  We can do that.

Still interested?  You’re a brave soul.  Fill out the form below.  Someone will get back to you at some point…or not…

Note: Due to the large amount of spam we get, we have removed the contact form. Please send all guest posts to the following email:

admin (at) blisstree-2012-stage (dot) com.

The subject line should be “Blisstree Guest Post”.

Expect to receive a reply from us within 1 to 2 business days, but sometimes it can take up to a week.