5 Helpful Tips to Know Before Traveling Abroad

Though the world is your oyster, it’s also a place of vast unknowns. Whether you’re a seasoned or rookie traveler, there are numerous factors to heed before your journey is underway. Traveling abroad, specifically, requires ample forethought. Without the necessary planning and gathering the right credentials to travel, your thrilling overseas adventure can quickly downgrade to an unpleasant experience. With that said, here are some considerations to bear in mind to ensure that your travels go swimmingly.


1. Make Copies Of Your Passport

Unfortunately, many foreign countries are notorious for pickpocketing. What these scammers are after is documentation that they can make a profit off of. Passports are their prey. Should you fall victim to a pickpocketing fiasco, having a copy of your passport will prove a godsend. For added peace of mind, consider making multiple copies of your credentials.

2. Call Your Credit Card Company

Nothing will sully your trip quicker than arriving at your destination only to find that your accounts are frozen. If a credit card company detects fraudulent activity, they cease all forms of payment immediately. By notifying your credit card company of your impending travels, you avoid this undesirable situation.

3. Contact Your Cell Phone Provider

If you fail to purchase an international plan, you’ll rack up considerable roaming charges. Though most providers charge a fee for this service, the amount pales in comparison to what you’d be spending otherwise. Much like your credit card company, you’ll want to call your cell provider well in advance.

4. Pack A Charger Adapter

One of the lesser known travel facts is that countries differ when it comes to their plug sizes and voltage. Your chargers probably won’t be compatible with a foreign socket. Fortunately, this is an easy fix. Charger adapters are incredibly handy and allow you to plug in your phone, tablet, or other mobile devices with ease.

5. Always Carry Cash

If you find yourself in the hub of tourist activity, the surrounding facilities likely don’t accept credit cards. This is a dubious tactic to get tourists to spend money on ATM convenience fees. Simply pull out cash at a nearby conversion center; that way, you avoid these unnecessary costs.

Now that you have some helpful tips for traveling abroad, its time to start planning this experience of a lifetime. Whether you are visiting Europe, Africa, or somewhere in the Americas, traveling abroad is a vacation you’ll never forget. Sometimes it seems that finding places to stay can be the most time consuming with so many decisions. Of course, there are beautiful hotels and resorts, but don’t forget to check out Airbnb’s that could save you lots of money. Or even a niche vacation rental company such as Commendable Rentals offers luxury upscale rentals to choose from in many different countries. No matter where you stay, always make sure to follow the above tips as well when you are picking out a place to stay.