6 Bar Rules to Remember May11


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6 Bar Rules to Remember

Bars are always the best place for any kind of celebration that involves drinking. Unfortunately, having too much to drink for some people can bring out the worst in them, and rude and obnoxious behavior creeps up from the fold. Nobody wants any of the bad drama so we have put together 6 rules that barflies should remember for the sake of everyone’s sanity.

Rule #1. Tip and tip well.

This might be difficult to shell out when the drinks are already expensive enough. But if you think that way, then you might as well just drink at home. Working in the service industry is not easy, especially when you have to deal with demanding customers and earning only $2 an hour. Watch your bill, but at the same time, don’t be stingy. As a general rule, leave 20 percent of your total bill as a tip. If you’re planning to become a regular, make sure to tip well.

Rule #2. Be patient.

Grabbing drinks in a bar on a Friday or Saturday night means you have to elbow your way to the bartender. Be patient and wait for your turn. Some rude customers try to wave their money at the bartender to get his attention, and this is a no-no even if you have been waiting for an hour. Make eye contact and smile, and you might get your drinks faster!

Rule #3. Don’t try to date the bartender.

You might find the bartender cute enough to date but that’s not reason enough to start flirting. Start a conversation if he or she isn’t too busy. If the feelings aren’t reciprocated, move on and just think that at least he or she is not taking advantage of your drunken decisions.

Rule #4. Order beer in a beer bar and cocktails in a cocktail bar.

Don’t blame the bar or the bartender if your Martini tastes differently because you may just be in the wrong type of bar. It’s like ordering a sandwich at Taco Bell—there’s a place for everything. While of course, there may be some establishments that offer great mixed drinks and brews, some don’t so adapt your order.

Rule #5. Pick your own drink.

Not sure of what to order from that long list of cocktail drinks? You might be tempted to just make the bartender decide for you, and that’s understandable. But remember that the type of drink you should have should be up to you. You can let the bartender know your likes and dislikes (dry vs. sweet, fruity vs. boozy) and let him or her guide you, and this may be the start of finding your favorite!

Rule #6. Clean up after yourself.

Bartending made it to Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs because of all the mess that inconsiderate customers leave behind. Put yourself in the bartender’s shoes and be thoughtful enough to not leave anything hard to clean before leaving your table. If the spill couldn’t be helped, at least offer to help with the clean-up.