Your Summer Guide to the Ozark Mountains

Plan a trip this summer at the best place to take on the heat—the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. From shopping for local arts and crafts to biking and jogging, you’ll find that the Ozark Mountains in Eureka Springs has so much to offer for families, friends, and couples. If you’re looking for water sports or fishing, there are great lakes and rivers waiting for you. Or if you just want to get away from the city and relax at a park or a lake, the Ozarks is sure to have something to offer. Let’s get you up to speed on things to do during summer at the Ozarks.

Zip through the Ozarks 200 feet in the air

It’s hard to keep an adventurous heart still, that’s why the Ozark Mountain Ziplines is what we definitely recommend for you. Zipline your way through the treetops on a 1,800-foot long cable and experience the flora and fauna that are only found in this region. Rain or shine, the show goes on and you’ll be onboard the zipline crossing the forest with a breeze like Tarzan.

Hike the rugged terrain

Whatever your skill level is, you’ll find a trail suitable for you at the Ozarks. Depending on how much time you want to spend hiking, you can select from half-mile flat trails to at least 1,000-foot climbs. The longest trail will be the Ozark Highlands Trails that has at least 200 miles starting from Lake Ft. Smith State Park, going through the Ozark National Forest and ending along the Buffalo River.

Explore the Onyx Cave

Eureka Springs is home to the Onyx Cave, one of the most popular caves among the thousands of other caves found in the Ozarks. Expect the magnificent display of stalactites and stalagmites in the Onyx Cave. Make sure to bring warm clothes because even in the summer, the cave remains at 57F all year round. Also, join the tour to the Mystic Caverns and the Crystal Dome Caverns led by trained escorts. Don’t miss the eight-story dome, the story of the spider monkey, and the pipe organ while sightseeing in the caverns.

Experience Beaver Lake

Nestled high in the Ozark Mountains is beautiful Beaver Lak that offers 487 miles of shoreline. From beautiful natural caves to explore, limestone bluffs and trees, you’ll want to plan a whole day alone to participate in the countless recreational opportunities. From fishing, kayaking, sailboating, swimming, paddleboarding and more, you’ll never be bored with countless things to do. If you are looking for a place to stay during your vacation to the Ozark Mountains, Beaver Lake Cottages offers charming cottages and cabin lodging that features views of Beaver Lake.

Take an exciting ride on a mountain bike

The more rugged the terrain is, the better for adventurous mountain bikers. Expect rocky twists and turns, steep ups and downs, and creek crossings. If you’re a beginner, the four-mile Bench Trail in Mt. Nebo State Park is recommended. Despite the easy flat trail, you’ll still be rewarded with spectacular views of historic springs as well as the nostalgic sights and sounds of nature. For the more experienced riders, try the eight-mile Vista Point Trail in Devil’s Den State Park. The trail offers a difficulty rating from moderate to strenuous.

The Ozark Mountains in Eureka Springs is a beautiful destination for anyone looking for a more peaceful summer vacation. Begin planning your summer getaway today and be sure to bring your camera to capture the beauty of the Ozarks.