The Dos and Don’ts of Dressing for a Wedding

It is almost March, which means we are one step closer to spring! This means Mother Nature will eventually come around meaning the sun will start shinning and we will experience warm temperatures again. Not only does spring bring better weather, it also brings about weddings, or wedding-after-wedding if you are in that age range when all of your friends are getting hitched. Dressing for all of these weddings can be a difficult task, especially if you can’t recycle any of your outfits. With that being said, here’s a list of dos and don’ts to help you plan your outfits for the upcoming wedding season!

Do: Check the Invitation for Appropriate Attire

The invitation might narrow you attire options. For example, if the invitation says white tie, you better bust out your finest duds. If the invitation specifies what type of attire is requested, but you aren’t sure what it means, use this cheat sheet.

Don’t: Wear White or Black

Not wearing white is an old unspoken rule because the bride wears it to stand out. Since brides are starting to wear ivory and blush colors, it would be considerate of you to stay away from attire in those shades too. Black is usually associated with death so steer clear of any black dresses that scream funeral! If you feel most comfortable in black, then find a fun or sparkly LBD for the wedding.

Do: Wear Layers

Layers, such as a cardigan or blazer, are essential for indoor and outdoor weddings. If you are attending an indoor wedding, the air conditioning might be cranked up because the bride or groom is sweating from normal wedding day jitters so you’ll be thankful for the extra layer. When the temperature drops at night, an extra layer will be great to have at an outdoor wedding.

Don’t: Wear Something Skimpy

Don’t be that person that everyone is staring at. Just don’t do it. Your poor outfit choice isn’t just a reflection of yourself, but also the bride and groom so show some respect and dress tastefully

Do: Wear Comfortable Clothes

Wear something that allows you to breathe, eat, and dance in. Why? Well, breathing is essential for you to live, the bride and groom probably spent a good amount of money on the food and want you to enjoy it, and dancing at weddings is all part of the fun

Don’t: Wear New Shoes

Your feet will be in a great deal of pain by the end of the night if you wear brand new shoes, especially if you want to spend some time on the dance floor. If you did just buy a new pair of shoes you want to show off, learn how to break in your new shoes quickly.