Eco-Friendly Holiday Decorations Nov18


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Eco-Friendly Holiday Decorations

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer! Lights are starting to shine bright at homes and on trees. While the naked-eye can’t tell, those lights are more commonly becoming LED, eco-friendly lights. Many homes are starting to go one step further and using eco-friendly decorations throughout their whole houses too. Here are a few of our favorite eco-friendly decorations to turn your home into a winter wonderland.

Pine Cones

A fun decoration to make with kids are pine cone reindeer. You can make these for the tree or they would look cute hanging from door handles. Plus, they are cute! Pinterest has an assortment of tutorials to choose from for this cute decoration. Here is one of our favorite tutorials.

Pinecones can also be made into cute little trees. Paint them green, add some glitter for snow, use a wine cork for a stem. Finish it off with a star for the tree topper!

Another option is to add them to presents, which isn’t commonly done so it might get a lot of attention.


Do you have succulents? Turn them into a wreath for the holiday season. It doesn’t need to be a perfect wreath…anything that is a circle can pass as a wreath! Add a bow at the end to top things off and you have a eco-friendly holiday decoration.

You can also make a wreath out of recycled paper or magazines, such as the one here.

Wine Bottles

Who hasn’t gone through a bottle of wine at Thanksgiving? Save those bottles! They can become perfect center pieces for your holiday party. The image below is from Good Housekeeping. Look at it on their website, which also include more eco-friendly holiday decorations.


Mason Jars

What aren’t mason jars used for? Now they are being used for holiday decorations! We suggest using them to display poinsettia leaves, adding a string of rice lights inside to light up your mantel or use a candle for a different type of glow. Add some epsom salt below the candle to make it look like show, as shown below.