5 Shows to Binge-Watch Before They Leave Netflix this October

If you missed the Twitter buzz, I’m here to fill you in. Several classics were cut from Netflix’s lineup on October 1, including 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights, and One Tree Hill. Several other shows will soon follow, but don’t worry— you still have time to binge-watch them. Here are five shows to catch before they’re gone this October.

Bones (Seasons 5-11, Oct. 21)


If you’ve never come across this dynamic duo, now’s the time to start. Temperance Brennan, A.K.A. Bones, is a genius (which she’ll never let you forget) forensic anthropologist whose cut-and-dry comments may resemble sarcasm for normal people. In the first season, she teams up F.B.I agent Seeley Booth to solve murder cases where the bodies are unrecognizable. Personable, charming Booth relies on his gut and is constantly correcting Brennan for her social faux pas. If you combine that with an equally funny team of nerdy “squints” at Brennan’s lab, you’ve got seasons of memorable drama and fun.

Lie to me (Seasons 2-3, Oct. 27)

For another crime thriller, turn on Lie to Me to see Dr. Cal Lightman and his team assist police in investigations using psychological cues like body language to uncover the truth. Cal’s team, the Lightman Group, is made up of sharp minds who are equally experienced in deception. Cal and his ex-wife Zoe make for an entertaining side plot, effectively lightening the mood with their prolonged sexual tension. Their daughter, Emily, is Cal’s voice of reason throughout the show and echoes his testy humor.

Family Guy (Seasons 9-14, Oct. 29)



We’ll be sad to bid farewell to the iconic Griffin family (well, 5 seasons of them). Peter, the father, thrives on immature jokes and his pervasive laziness. Lois, mother and housewife, cares for the children in her eccentric way. Stewie, the baby who never ages, is intelligent beyond his years and is at his happiest when an evil plot is in the making. Meg, the only daughter, is constantly looking for love and a self-esteem boost (which she is denied more often than not). Chris, the oldest son, is going through his awkward stage like most 14-year-old boys. The family’s talking dog Brian is Stewie’s brainiac sidekick who struggles with alcoholism and writing the next great American novel.


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The Cleveland Show (Seasons 1-4, Oct. 19)

The Cleveland Show is another must-see animated comedy, a spin-off of Family Guy that follows the Griffin’s neighbor, Cleveland. Cleveland and his son, Cleveland Junior, move away to reunite with his high school love Donna and her two children, Roberta and Rollo Tubbs.

Louie (Seasons 1-5, Oct. 27)

Louie revolves around comedian and recently divorced dad, Louie. His two daughters, Hadley and Ursula, love interest Pamela, and agent Doug are regulars on the show. With guest stars and fellow comedians Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman, and Jerry Seinfeld, the show’s five seasons are filled with critically-acclaimed laughs.