13 Spooky Things To Do On Friday The 13th

Whether you’re superstitious or not, Friday the 13th always comes with its fun and sometimes coincidental bad luck. You may be wondering why Friday the 13th is considered unlucky. According¬†to The¬†Independent, there are several notorious and religious events that happened on that particular day throughout history. There’s also the general fear and bad luck surrounded with the number 13. This year, Friday the 13th was in January but we also get an extra one in October! What better way to celebrate Halloween early than to do spooky activities on Friday the 13th?


Have a Friday the 13th movie marathon

Can you get through all 10 movies in one day? Probably not unless you’re really committed. You at least have to watch parts one, two, three and the final chapter. If you haven’t seen any of the movies in the iconic film franchise, you’re in for a Friday the 13th treat.

Visit a haunted house

If you live in America, you probably live nearby a haunted house or corn maze. Gather a group of friends and visit the spookiest haunted house near you and see if you can make it out without getting too scared.

Catch the newest movie coming out

Usually, there’s a new horror flick coming out on Friday the 13th. On October 13, the new movie Happy Death Day is coming to a theater near you. The movie is about a college student who relives her death on her birthday over and over again until she can find her killer. It’s sure to be terrifying and totally appropriate for the day.

Decorate your house or apartment for Halloween

If you haven’t decorated for Halloween yet, what are you waiting for? Gather your Halloween decor, turn on some monster mash, and bake some Halloween goodies to get in the mood.

Have a Friday the 13th party

Get out the salt, mirrors, umbrellas, and any black cats you have for the most epic Friday the 13th party. You can make Friday the 13th themed treats and drinks and incorporate iconic symbols of bad luck into the party games.

Adopt a black cat

A black cat crossing your path is one of the most iconic symbols of bad luck. As a result of the superstition, black cats are less likely to be adopted at animal shelters. Show your love for black cats and make a difference.


Visit a cemetery

There’s always that creepy old cemetery in your town that nobody wants to set foot in. Gather your brave friends, a few flashlights and set out for the cemetery. You may be surprised by what you find.

Go on a ghost tour

Whether your town hosts tours or you’re planning a self-guided one, every place has a story. Sometimes even ghost stories.

Tell ghost stories around a fire

If you’ve never done this at summer camp before, it’s a great way to bond with friends. Start a fire, roast some marshmallows and prepare a few ghost stories to tell. Especially if they’re true.

Watch a true crime documentary

True crime is so popular on television right now and several new documentaries made their debut on Netflix. Casting JonBenet and Dear Zachary are both great documentaries if you’re interested in true crime.

Experiment with Halloween makeup tutorials

There are so many tutorials on YouTube for both simple and over-the-top Halloween looks. This is the perfect time to practice makeup looks for your costume.


Carve pumpkins

Get in the Halloween spirit and decorate your house even more by carving pumpkins. If you aren’t as creative with a carver, you can always paint them too.

Make a spooky music playlist

Look up your favorite Halloween and scary songs on Spotify or Pandora and make a playlist. You can use it the whole month of October or whenever you’re feeling extra spooky.