Wedding Trends for 2018

With 2017 more than halfway over, now is the time to start planning your wedding for 2018. Each year it seems more classic wedding traditions start to fade out when it comes to decor, desserts, food, and flowers – and that is completely okay! I’ve always been a traditionalist when it comes to the ceremony, but love the idea of spicing things up at the reception. If you are recently engaged or hoping to be engaged soon, here is your look at the upcoming 2018 wedding trends to help you get planning for your special day.

Unique Dessert Table

One of the most popular trends right now for wedding receptions is to have some type of unique dessert table in addition to the wedding cake. Everyone loves cake, but who doesn’t love additional dessert choices? Doughnuts, pies, s’mores bar, candy, and ice cream sundaes are only a few of the many dessert table options for guests.

Vintage Feel

This wedding theme came around this year, but is not going anywhere in 2018. It combines urban and vintage elements, while also providing a romantic atmosphere. Imagine an industrial warehouse being draped in rich linens, antique glassware, and gold or bronze lighting. Different shades of pink and lace also come to play to give it a more softer look. It is a beautiful and unique trend, but definitely not every bride’s taste.

Unique and Trendy Venues

As you can image, barn and outdoor weddings are still going to be popular going into 2018. However, brides are also looking for unique venues such as gardens, lofts, rooftops, distilleries, or art museums. These are hard to come by, but coming about very quickly with the growing interest. If you are still looking looking for a rustic venue, Oak Lodge is a lovely Pennsylvania wedding venue in the Laurel Highlands providing guests a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. However, if you are looking to stay on trend Journeyman Distillery in Michigan is the perfect venue for your special day.


Greenery continues to become a larger trend for bouquets in 2018. Many brides are incorporating more greenery into their flowers and centerpieces, which is staying on the trend for the industrial/vintage look. Greenery can also be a smarter option, as it can last longer than flowers.

Hair, Makeup and Accessories

Softer looks for both the bride and her bridesmaids are the style trend for 2018. In the coming year, expect to see more beachy waves, braids, and soft buns. The flower crown is also not going away anytime soon! Brides are also expected to go with a much more natural makeup look. As far as accessories go, statement jewelry and long veils are also expected to come back into play.

Bridal Gowns

If you noticed a slight trend this year with blush or metallic bridal gowns, expect this trend to continue in 2018. Many brides are straying away from the white and going with a blush underlay. Off-the-shoulder will also continue to be a trend for bridal gowns, as well as for bridesmaid dresses. Lace will also be a big trend along with flutter sleeves. All of these looks definitely relate back to that vintage feel mentioned earlier.


What do you think about the upcoming wedding trends of 2018? I personally love the shades of pink, incorporating greenery into flowers, and the dessert tables! These trends might not be for every bride’s taste, but hopefully can help as you plan your upcoming 2018 wedding.