5 Reasons To Watch Bachelor in Paradise

Tonight is the night, Bachelor in Paradise returns! There has been a lot of buzz about this season thanks to Corinne and DeMario and I can’t wait for the drama to continue to unfold tonight! Here are 5 reasons why I’m looking forward to Bachelor in Paradise this season:

1. Chris Harrison

We did not get enough of Chris Harrison during the Bachelorette. It was almost like he was missing and ABC couldn’t find him. I hope we get a lot more of Chris during BIP, which I think is highly likely with the Corinne and DeMario scandal.


2. The Dolark

Alexis was one of my favorite girls on Nick’s season of The Bachelor so I’m excited for her to be back. I don’t care that she thinks her shark costume is a dolphin. She loves dolphins so just let her think she’s a dolphin, okay? She knows how to have a good time and I think she’ll be a lot of fun on the show!

3. Dull Bachelor & Bachelorette Seasons

Both Nick and Rachel had rather blah seasons of their show. Don’t get me wrong, they both had some drama, but it was boring drama. The drama that Corinne brought to Nick’s season was just funny because she was out of touch with reality. Rachel’s season just had really immature men who had stupid cat fights.


4. Amanda Stanton

Amanda is getting a lot of crap for going on the show for the second time, in addition to already doing The Bachelor. But everyone deserves love. Josh Murray was not the perfect match for her (everyone knew that but her) so fingers crossed that she has better luck this season.

5. Opening Credits

The opening credits for Bachelor in Paradise are usually funny and related to something dumb or silly the person did on The Bachelor or Bachelorette. It’s nice to see the cast make fun of themselves in a playful way.


BONUS: Carly & Evan’s Wedding is Tomorrow

The only success story from last season’s Bachelor in Paradise gets married and it’s aired on TV. I can’t wait to see the quirky duo tie the knot tomorrow.

SAD NOTE: We’ll Miss Jorge

Jorge will be greatly missed this season. He was an asset to the show. He was like a therapist to the cast members. Hopefully, Wells will be a good replacement, but he has big shoes to fill!