Pretty Little Lairs Series Finale Predictions – Who is A.D.? Jun27


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Pretty Little Lairs Series Finale Predictions – Who is A.D.?

After seven years of torture, text messages, secrets, and impossible twists Pretty Little Liars is finally coming to an end. For many of us die-hard fans, we can’t wait to find out who A.D. is, but we also don’t want the show to end. After finding out who A was in the middle of Season 6, many of us didn’t even think there would be an A.D. (If you didn’t know already, Cece Drake, or Charles DiLaurentis was revealed as A.) Before the series finale airs tonight on Freeform, check out these three A.D. theories below.

Spencer Hasting’s Twin

Something about Spencer seems off this season, and many of us can’t help but think she has a twin. The theory out there is that Spencer Hasting has a twin sister she doesn’t even know about. Throughout season 7, we find out more about Spencer then any of the other liars. We already know that Jason is her half-brother, but we also find out that Mary Drake is her biological mother. In addition to that, there have been a few scenes in Season 7B that Spencer isn’t quite acting like her normal self. For example, the scene when Ezra saw Spencer meeting with Wren at the airport. In this scene, she told Ezra not to tell anyone she was at the airport with Wren. Now, why exactly would she want to keep that a secret from the other girls? Seems a bit fishy.

Wren Kingston

Spencer meeting with Wren at the airport brings up this next theory. Why were they meeting? How come we never got any answers from their meeting? We also haven’t seen Wren since that episode until the finale promo where he is shooting a gun. Wren also worked at the Radley Sanitarium when Charlotte was a patient, as well as Mona. Wren has also made moves on Hannah and hooked up with Spencer. Now I’m not sure what his motives for being A.D. are, but with all of these connections and the fact that he is popping up in season 7B, definitely makes him a shady suspect.


Ezra Fitz

If this theory is true, Ezria fans won’t be happy. First of all, we know that Ezra was working on a book about all the liars and never got to finish it because the girls found out. So, maybe that made him angrier. A.D. also used Aria for assistance, so who better to get help from than your girlfriend. Ezra was also not amused at all that Aria filled out a police report saying he took advantage of her when she was a teenager. Well, of course he wasn’t amused because maybe he is A.D. and knew the whole time. Ezra also seems to leave town a lot, especially when things get a bit haywire. I’m not sure on the connection between Ezra and Charlotte, but we do know that Ezra was involved with Alison when he was in college.


Do you think A.D. is one of the people above or do you have your own you want to share? With the twists and turns that show creator Marlene King has thrown at us before, our guess is just as good as yours. Hopefully all secrets are revealed tonight in the 2-hour finale.