5 Things That Should Be on Everyone’s Bucket List

Bucket lists are incredibly personal. Everyone wants different things. Some people want to experience the birth of a first born while others want to travel the world until they’re too old to keep going. Some want to go skydiving while others want to see The Louvre. No matter what is on your bucket list or what kind of person you are, below are 5 things that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Visit Your Favorite Country At Least Once

Whatever country you feel drawn to whether for culture, architecture, landscapes, food, or anything else, visit your favorite country. No matter what you find there or whether you tour the vast countryside or the modern cities, just go. You won’t regret going, but you definitely will if you don’t. This is a big world we live in with incredible diversity. Experience it at least once, especially if it’s your favorite place.

Try Something Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Some people are adventurers while others prefer the quiet peace of home, but what type of person you are shouldn’t limit you. Try something new – something out of the box that you normally wouldn’t try. Go scuba diving if you don’t like the oceans, pick up painting if you’re not patient enough to sit for that long, explore new foods if you order the same thing at every restaurant you go to, start a garden if you’ve got no green thumb… Who knows? You just might find you like it. Even if you don’t, you tried, and that’s the point.

Really Visit Nature

I understand the aversion to the wilderness. I really do. There are bugs, no plumbing or electricity, and you usually have to hike to get anywhere worth going, but the point is that there are thousands of places worth going. We all come from nature, even if we were born and raised in a concrete jungle. Try it, even just for a night or in the most luxurious way possible. Once you get a taste of the fresh air, the peace and quiet, the breathtaking views… Let’s just say this is one you’ll never regret, but you will want to try it again.

Show Someone You Love How Much They Mean to You

Holidays are perfect for just this, but it’s even more fulfilling when there isn’t any special occasion to bring it out. Tell your husband or wife how much you love them, tell your parents how grateful you are for them, or tell your best friend how much it meant that they were always there for you. It doesn’t matter who it is or what you say so long as you really mean it and it’s something from the heart. These things are usually hard to get out, but that’s what makes it worth it.

Do Something Kind for a Stranger

Though it can be, this shouldn’t be a one-time deal. Doing something kind for someone else, someone you don’t know and expect nothing from in return, is one of the most fulfilling things you will ever do. Pay for someone’s coffee if you can tell they’re having a bad day, give an honest compliment to make someone smile, give a homeless person money or a gift they could really use, or donate to a charity anonymously. What you do isn’t the point. It’s that you do it, and someone else benefits from it as much as it makes you feel good to do it.