Unique Places to Travel in 2017 Mar23


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Unique Places to Travel in 2017

As summer approaches, you’re probably thinking about your summer travel plans. Those plans might just include a weekend trip to the beach, a camping trip with some friends or family, or even a week-long get-away to go visit the relative you haven’t seen in ages. But what if this year was different?

Travel plans for everyone, especially during the summer, seem to fit inside of a neatly packaged box, but this is a big, beautiful world we live in, and there is more to see than you could possibly imagine. This summer, take those well-deserved days off and venture outside of the norm.


Unique Places to Travel in 2017Alaska

Starting with the option that is probably least outside of the typical comfort zone, Alaska seems to be the most incredible state that everyone forgets about. During the winter, it may be too cold for most travelers, but its summer warmth might surprise you. Whether you’re an adventurer longing for the gorgeous views along Alaska’s glacial and mountain hiking trails, a lover of the arts and history looking for the state’s rich history and impressive cultural background, or simply someone who appreciates nature’s wonders, Alaska has more than enough to offer. One of the most effective ways to take it all in is through Alaska By Rail, which will take you through the best places to see and guide you to the activities that are best for you.

New Zealand

Tickets to New Zealand will cost you quite a bit more, but they are worth every penny. This gorgeous country has grown fuller with travelers since Lord of the Rings shot there, but Peter Jackson chose New Zealand as his Middle Earth for a reason. Few places in the world can claim such spectacular views or a wider range of landscapes, creating the perfect get-away. The country offers everything from skiing to world-class golf resorts for sports buffs and caving to white water rafting for thrill-seekers. In addition, New Zealand’s countryside boasts dozens of amazing vineyards to choose from, world-renowned stargazing opportunities, and, yes, the Middle-Earth tour is always cool to see.

RomaniaUnique Places to Travel in 2017

When you think castles, you probably picture France, Great Britain, or Germany, but Romania is probably what you should be thinking about. Sure, those countries’ castles and palaces are cool, but Romania’s look like they’re straight out of a fairytale with picturesque villages surrounding each one for the perfect effect. If you like architecture, but castles aren’t your thing, they also have famous fortresses and monasteries for a taste of rich history and deep-rooted culture. Romania is also home to the several national parks, the Carpathian Mountains, and the Danube Delta. Perhaps its most traditional attraction, however, lies in its many resorts along the Black Sea, where travelers can rest at a spa or get a quick tan on the beach.


Chile could be considered like New Zealand in many respects as it boasts an equally large array of thrill-seeking activities like mountain biking, rafting, horseback riding, skiing, etc. in addition to its massive range of landscapes and vineyards to choose from. It’s culture, however, cannot be compared. The country boasts rich cultures from both its indigenous and current peoples. This means Chile offers delicious food, incredible art, fascinating traditions, and much more that you can’t find anywhere else. Much of Chile’s plants and birdlife are also native only to the region as well, giving you an opportunity to see something truly unique.

Unique Places to Travel in 2017Croatia

What puts Croatia on this list is not what makes it different, but what makes it the same. Croatia offers many of the same things people travel all over Europe to see: cathedrals, palace, forts, basilicas, amphitheaters, etc. The thing is no one ever goes to Croatia to see those things, meaning you wouldn’t be just another tourist among the masses. To make matters even better, you could see Plitvice Lakes National Park, the only park of its kind in the world. There, sixteen individual likes are separated by trails of foliage and waterfalls, making for an unimaginable sight to witness.