Who’s Ready for The Bachelor Hometown Dates?

As you would expect, last night’s episode of The Bachelor was dramatic and shocking as ever. The episode started off with Nick thinking that finding love on this show might not be possible and that he might be trying to force these relationships. In the meantime, all the girls were worried that he was going to give up on finding love. And in conclusion, he came to the girls minutes later expressing that he is hopeful his fiancé is in this room. Kind of typical, right? Well now that last night’s episode is over we finally have our final four girls left, which means four hometown dates next week.


A stand out contestant for Nick’s heart since night one. Vanessa and Nick have a chemistry unlike the other girls, and not primarily a physical chemistry like the one he has with Corinne. Vanessa and Nick have more of an emotional chemistry and you can tell he likes her the most just by the way he looks at her when she’s talking. Family is very important to Vanessa as it is with Nick, so I have a feeling this hometown date will go well.



Raven had one of Nick’s hometown dates and already got to meet part of his family, so it’s only normal that he gets to meet her family too right? Raven and Nick’s relationship is strong, romantic, and playful, but you can tell it isn’t as strong as his relationship is with Vanessa. I definitely think Raven’s hometown date will go well and she will make it to the overnight dates.


Rachel received the first impression rose on night one, and it took a couple weeks later but she finally got a one-on-one date with Nick in New Orleans. You can definitely tell he likes her, but with recent news of her as the next Bachelorette, we already know what will happen with their relationship. Either their hometown date doesn’t go well, or it is even a possibility she makes it to the overnight dates and that doesn’t go well either. ABC released this statement of Rachel as the next Bachelorette as she is still on the show, so really who knows when she will go home.


Oh, Corrine. What would this season of The Bachelor be without her. Corinne and Nick’s relationship is unlike the other women. What we have seen of them is only a physical connection. We have not seen them connect on a deeper, emotional level. Part of me thinks that the producers want Nick to go to Corinne’s hometown just to meet Raquel her nanny. But maybe their relationship is deeper, and as viewers we never get to see that side of it.

What do you think of the final four women? I’m rooting for Nick and Vanessa to be engaged at the end of all this and am happy about Rachel as the next Bachelorette. Also, I am hoping that Corinne will be on Bachelor in Paradise in the summer.