6 Netflix Original Shows to Start Binge Watching

Bingeing your favorite shows on Netflix should be the new pastime. Netflix has upped the binge watching game, in recent years, by adding a slew of original shows you can only get on Netflix. If you’ve yet to stray from your Grey’s Anatomy or Shameless binge, now’s the time to do it. Here are seven Netflix originals that need to be on your list.

Stranger Things

A boy named Will vanishes from his Indiana small-town. While his friends investigate, they discover a girl with supernatural powers, named Eleven, that might have answers to Will’s disappearance. As the town is looking for Will, a mystery involving government experiments and a strange creature unfolds. Winona Ryder fans will rejoice as she flawlessly plays Will’s mother in the series.

Fuller House

DJ Fuller is the new Danny Tanner in this Full House spinoff. After DJ’s husband’s death, she moves into the same old San Francisco home from the original series. With the help of Kimmy and Stephanie, they raise DJ’s kids together just like Danny, Jesse, and Joey. And of course, there’s a DJ and Steve love triangle. 

Santa Clarita Diet

Drew Barrymore is back. Even this show has yet to make its debut, keep it on your list for its Feb. 3 premiere. The show is about a couple who are real estate agents in Santa Clarita. When the wife, Sheila, dies, she becomes a zombie that craves human flesh. It’s like a middle-class comedy Dawn of the Dead.

Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie’s long time rivalry has to be set aside once their husbands announce their 20-year affair. The divorce comedy is all about Grace and Frankie’s budding friendship to cope with the affair. If you love Jane Fonda, this comedy is a can’t miss.

The Crown

The Crown is about the life of Queen Elizabeth II. The series begins in 1947 where England is on a postwar decline. King George VI is dying and Elizabeth is thrust into a marriage with Phillip and into power at age 25. The Crown is the next big period drama and the episodes will span her majesty’s life until the present day.

Orange is the New Black

The show takes place in Litchfield Prison, where Piper Chapman is an inmate for a 10-year-old crime with her ex-girlfriend. The show is full of love triangles and Piper’s on and off again relationship with her partner in crime, Alex Vause. You’ll laugh and cry as the inmates share their stories of how they got there.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The world is no longer ending for Kimmy Schmidt. Kimmy is rescued from a doomsday cult where she was kidnapped and trapped in a bunker for 15 years. She starts life over in New York City with blind optimism and as a nanny for a Manhattan trophy wife. If you loved 30 Rock, you’ll love to know that Tina Fey is a co-writer for this show.

There’s a Netflix original series for everyone. Try these seven shows for a binge-worthy night in.