6 Movies to Watch to Get Ready for Spring Break

Whether you’re staying at home or going on vacation, spring break is the time to get away from school and just relax. A week of fun under the sun, in a place like Florida, seems to be the typical college student spring break road trip. Some college students prefer to visit destinations like Europe, or the West Coast. If you’re planning a trip far away, or relaxing in bed for a week, here are six movies to watch to get you pumped for a week off of school.

Spring Breakers

Let’s just put it this way, Spring Breakers is like no other movie you will ever see. Think nice girl goes on spring break to Florida with not-so-nice friends from grade school. They meet a rapper named Alien who promises a fun spring break “forevvvvaaa” and they experience a vacation they will truly never forget. After you watch it, can you guess who James Franco plays?


If you weren’t dancing in your room to the Britney Spears version of “I love rock n’ roll”, were you really a Britney fan? Crossroads features your favorite queen of pop as the main character, Lucy. After high school graduation, Lucy and her old childhood friends dig up a time capsule from years ago. One of them mentions a singing competition in Los Angeles, and they venture out together from their small town in Georgia to enter the competition.

22 Jump Street

The sequel to the remake of 21 Jump Street will have you laughing even more. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are at it again, this time as undercover college students to try and catch the drug lord “Ghost.” Why is it perfect for spring break? The final part of their chase is set at their college spring break in Mexico.


While it’s not technically a spring break movie, you’ll find that Beaches is everything you’ve ever needed and more. The story is about a 30-year friendship between two women with completely different personalities. The two friends meet on the beach as kids and, at the end of the movie, live together in a beach house. Prepare for a lot of tears.

From Justin to Kelly

Kelly Clarkson’s big break starts with From Justin to Kelly. The movie is during spring break in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Kelly is a waitress and Justin is a college student and the whole movie is about how they fall for each other. If you can get over its cheesiness, it’s the perfect movie about spring break romance.


Monte Carlo

Two friends, Emma and Grace, have been saving up for a trip to Paris with money they’ve made working at their hometown diner. After Grace graduates high school, she’s forced to bring her uptight sister, Meg along. When they get to Paris, Grace is mistaken for a British heiress and the adventure of a lifetime begins. After this movie, you’ll want to be a princess for a day too.

Movies about adventures abroad or romance on spring break always set the mood for a good time on your spring break vacation. Even though Selena Gomez seems to always be going on amazing adventures in her movies, these movies will inspire you to make your own spring break memories.