What Did We Learn from the Season Finale of Westworld?

Since we are now two weeks past the air date of the absolutely fantastic season 1 finale of Westworld, it should be safe to talk about. However, if you have not watched this new smash hit, stop now. This is an official spoiler warning, and there will be some big ones. Turn back now and you are more than welcome to come back once you are all caught up.

So Westworld, am I right? The whole last episode was a whirlwind of information, much like the entirety of the first season. Finding out Bernard was a host based on the co-creator of Westworld, Arnold, was crazy, but this season finale put even that to shame. Here are just a few of the main things that happened that you may have missed.

The center of the mazethe-maze-from-westworld

The center of the maze, the top of the pyramid, the last step to consciousness, was officially revealed as suffering. Arnold finally realized that the last step to human consciousness in his pyramid/maze theory was suffering. Once the host had experienced true suffering and understood it they could reach full human consciousness.

Ford understood the mazeanthony_hopkins_as_dr-_robert_ford_-_credit_john_p-_johnson_hbo_-_h_2016

Pretty much the whole entire season we are under the impression that Ford, like the rest of the company, was trying to figure out what the center of the maze was and what Arnold’s plan was. In the final episode, he admits he knew the hosts needed to suffer and he knew Arnold’s whole plan was to help the hosts reach human consciousness. He was just providing them with the time to realize why they needed to experience this suffering.

Delores is Wyattdolores-abernathy-shooting-gun-credit-john-p-johnson-westworld

Well, kind of anyway. At the beginning of the park, Arnold and Ford had planned on forming a storyline around a crazy killer named Wyatt. However, in a last-ditch effort to save the hosts from the humans who would enter the park, Arnold merges Delores’s personality with Wyatt’s and has her kill all of the working hosts as well as Arnold himself.

William is the Man in Blackwilliam-700x525-211961

I know, apparently everyone else had this one figured out, but this took me by surprise. We find out when the Man in Black tells William’s story to Delores, ending it with the reveal that he was Willam. Also proving that the story was running two different timelines at the same time which was hinted at when we realized that Abernathy was looking a picture of Logan’s sister and William’s fiance.

William did not die580e87b03a965a1c008b4586-1920

In all the mayhem and murder of the final scene, you may not have realized this. Although he gets shot in the arm, we never actually see him get a fatal wound. No doubt Delores is coming for him, though, now that she has full human consciousness I am sure revenge isn’t too far away.

Maeve didn’t get outmaeve_ep10

We were all rooting for her, and it seemed like she would really make it. With the help of the trusty Felix, she makes it all the way to the train, and she sits waiting for the train to take off. However, at the last minute, she decides to hop off the train and goes to find her daughter. Just as she does so the park shuts down. We believe it is due to the security risk of Delores’s attack on the Board.

Delores killed Arnoldwestworld-season-finale-dolores-arnold-evan-rachel-wood-geoffrey-wright

Yes, technically we found this out in like episode 9, but in that episode, they just dropped it on us like a bomb and didn’t really explain. However, in the finale, we finally got the whole story and saw that even though Delores pulled the trigger, it was still pretty much a suicide. “Arnold pulled the trigger through her” as Ford says.

There are other parks?


This is not actually confirmed, but we are allowed to make some inferences here. When Maeve is making her escape with Felix’s help, they enter a level of the facility that has hosts who look like Hun soldiers. So does this mean there is a whole other park with the theme of ancient China? Are their multiple other times periods you can step into? The other evidence for this is when Felix hands Maeve the location of her daughter it says ”Park 1”. As far as we know there is only 1 park so why would it have to be labeled as such? This could be a possible plot line for season 2.

Ford’s final storylinewestworld-10-5

We finally found out what Ford’s big new storyline was: mass murder. It also brings the story of Westworld full circle. The park began with Delores killing all the hosts and then Arnold. This season, and possibly the park, ended with Delores killing Ford and then all of the humans. And all of it took place in the same town. It was an interesting little parallel.

Well, I hope that helped clear some things up for your guys. What was your favorite reveal? What do you think the plot of next season will be? All we know is that the show is quoted for having a storyline that can last about 6 or 7 years, and we hope it does. It will be really hard waiting for the next chapter of this amazing story, but I am sure it will be well worth the wait.