Best Freeform (ABC Family) Original Christmas Movies

It is officially the holiday season and what better way to get into the spirit than watching some good old Christmas movies. Sure, everyone loves the classics like A Christmas Story, Elf, Home Alone, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, but sometimes those classics can get old after awhile. Freeform, previously known as ABC Family, has created many fun Christmas movies that are just as festive and fun to watch. So, if you are looking to watch some new Christmas movies this holiday season, consider the ones below that were produced on the Freeform television network.

Holiday in Handcuffs

This fun holiday movie stars Melissa Joan Hart (Trudie) as the main female lead character. In this holiday comedy Trudie is visiting her family for Christmas at an isolated cabin out in the woods, where she tells them that she will be bringing her boyfriend. However, her boyfriend dumps her just a few days before she has to visit them. So, in order to please her parents, Trudie decides to kidnap David Martin (Mario Lopez) a random customer that enters the restaurant that she works at and forces him to act as her boyfriend. David tries multiple times to escape and tells Trudie’s family that she is crazy, but no one believes him. To see if David escapes or not, you’ll just have to watch the rest to find out.



Featuring Christina Milian as Angela, this quirky and fun Christmas movie tells the story about how Angela gets transported into a snowglobe. Angela loves the Christmas season, but her family does not and they are always surrounding her with their presence. One day, Angela receives a package in the mail with the snowglobe, and when she opens it up she is quickly transported into the Christmas world inside that celebrates Christmas everyday. She falls in love with the town and all the people, and in order to get out of the snowglobe all she has to do is walk down a forest path. However, one day she gets trapped. Will Angela ever get out? Guess you’ll have to watch the movie to find out for yourself!


Desperately Seeking Santa

In order to replace the traditional Santa Claus at the mall, Jennifer Walker (Laura Vandervoort) decides to run a contest in order to find an attractive and hunky Santa. As she is running the contest, she picks David Morretti (Nick Zano) as the hunky Santa. Throughout the holiday season, sparks start to fly between the two of them, however things get a little complicated as Jennifer’s company is also trying to take over the restaurant that David’s family owns. Will the two find love this holiday season? Watch the movie to find out and of course, to see this hunky Santa Claus.