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Top 5 Office Holiday Party Games

Every year companies and businesses look forward to annual holiday parties. Year after year stories are created and memories are made. “Remember last year when Jon had too much to drink” or “Alice, I loved your cookies last year, how do you make them?” These are a few comments you would expect to here around the holiday season. People remember what happened at the holiday party last year. Even if your parties are the best and always generate a great time, there is always room for improvement and more fun. Here are the top five holiday office party games that are sure to have people talking for the coming months.

The Penguin Waddle

You already guessed it. You have to waddle like a penguin. Co-workers put a balloon between their legs and waddle across the office to the “finish line.” Whoever gets to the end first wins. This is sure to take the party up a notch. All you really need for this game are balloons, which is also a plus.

Pin The Nose On Rudolph

This is similar to the classic “pin the tail on the donkey,” except it is Rudolph and you have to pin his nose. This is also something easy to plan. Print out a picture of Rudolph, get a red “nose” and call it a day. Everyone will know how to play and it will surely get some laughs as people blindly look for the target.

il_fullxfull-540413867_t5wl Gift Wrap Up

This game will take coordination and truly test how great a team works together. Each team will race to finish wrapping a present. The catch here is, each person can only use one hand. For this all you need is gift wrapping supplies, making it a cheap entertaining game for the party.

downloadSanta Limbo

This is a variation of traditional limbo. The catch here is that each participant has to stuff their shirt with pillows. This will truly test everyone’s limbo ability. Instead of limbo music, holiday music will be put in its place. Hopefully, this game will lead to more mingling and potentially lighten the mood for newer employees.

download-1Stocking Guessing Game

This game is great but does require stockings for everyone and gifts. People pass around the stockings and guess what is inside them. It is easiest if everyone is told to bring a “stocking to pass.” There will surely be some funny gifts and potentially useful gifts that will be used and enjoyed.


Hopefully, this has helped you come up with some ideas for your holiday office party. If you would like more games to browse click here to find many more interesting games and activities. Happy Holidays!

About the Author: Zach is a guest contributor from corporateofficeinteriors.net, Michigans premier office furniture dealer with exceptional design and service.