Halloween Costumes on a Budget

Everybody wants to dress up on Halloween, even if we are “too old” for candy and trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, those store bought costumes are just a little on the pricey end, plus, most of them are just not clever enough. The best way to show your true colors this Halloween, without breaking the bank, is to make your costume at home, possibly with things you have laying around. Here are some of the best, clever costumes you can make for this Halloween:


Ceiling Fan

fjnst1zhne421lc-mediumWe are sure you have seen this one before but it goes without saying that this one is the one to beat. And how easy is it to find an old t-shirt and write “Go Ceiling!” on it? Not to mention you can accessorize and dress up this costume as must as you want to or as little as you want to. If you live in an area where is will be cold this Halloween you can easily throw on a coat and boots to keep yourself cozy warm.


S’mores Kit

coolest-homemade-smores-family-halloween-costume-8-21424838If you are looking for a cute family costume then this is the one for you. With just some cardboard, pillows and paint you can pull off this adorable look that will have people asking, “How did you think of something so clever?”. This cute idea is definitely easy to do on a budget and absolutely adorable to boot. Think of it this way, if one of your kids is extra clumsy, he or she can be the marshmallow, ta-da no injuries while running from house to house!


Cereal Killer

cereal-killer-e1438618407353Now if you want to hit on the horror of this wonderful holiday then this is the costume for you. An old flannel or button up, some hot glue, some empty cereal boxes and some fake blood and you can find yourself a Cereal Killer. Get it? If someone doesn’t get it then you can pride yourself on being the most clever person in the room and celebrate that fact all night long.


Cards Against Humanity

cards_against_humanityAgain with just cardboard and some paint you have got a costume that will never get old. Choose your favorite card to use as inspiration or even better make up your own card and reminisce in your cleverness. This one will keep the laughs going all night long no matter what group you are in and is perfect for those of us who have 15 “best-friends”.


M n’ M Gang

cheap-easy-diy-group-costumes-for-halloween-13Another easy one from the whole group. This one isn’t as clever as it is just plain adorable. Again easy to do with colorful t-shirts and some fabric paint and just think you get to keep those cute knee-high socks. I don’t know when you will ever use them again, but you will have in any case.


Hope these costumes gave you some inspiration for this Halloween. Don’t get caught up in the changing of the colors and forget that quite possibly the most fun holiday of the year is fast approaching. You don’t want to get without a costume last minute!