Will the Bachelor in Paradise Final Couples Last?

At the beginning of Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, host Chris Harrison guaranteed that there would be multiple proposals at the end – and he wasn’t lying. The finale of Bachelor in Paradise aired last night and we witnessed 3 men propose to their significant other. Some of us may think its crazy to propose to someone you have known for at most six weeks, but in Bachelor Nation this is perfectly normal. Let’s take a look at the final three couples who are now “happily” engaged.


Grant & Lace

These two lovebirds were one of the first couples on Bachelor in Paradise. Despite the first episode where Lace was mingling with Chad, it wasn’t soon after when Grant & Lace hit it off. Throughout the season we saw the two fall in love, argue, question their love, get matching tattoos with their couple name “Grace”, and finally a romantic proposal at the end. However, the big question is if this couple will actually last? Lace has always been indecisive with Grant and questions their relationship a lot, so only time will tell if “Grace” will eventually get married.



Evan & Carly

This couple had a somewhat unique relationship on this season of Bachelor in Paradise. At the beginning of their onset relationship we saw a very awkward first kiss followed by Carly telling Evan that she only sees them as friends. However, this all changed very quickly and we then see Carly and Evan kissing again, going on dates, and falling in love. Evan proposed to Carly by telling her “I feel like my heart beats to your soul.” So, will this couple last and get married? According to an article by PEOPLE, Carly says “I just love Evan. I would marry him tomorrow!”


Josh & Amanda

Probably one of the strongest couples of the entire Bachelor in Paradise season was Josh and Amanda. After their very first date, no one could help but notice the chemistry between them (and all of their PDA). It wasn’t until later in the season that other individuals on the show started questioning Josh’s motives with Amanda. However, this never seemed to phase Amanda and she always said she knows who Josh really is. Josh proposed to Amanda saying “I’m so excited about meeting your two girls, and I promise I will love them just as much as I love you.” The couple is still together today and seems happy, but the real question is if Josh is willing to step in as a father figure to Amanda’s kids and move over to California. Apparently, the couple has broken up a couple times since the Bachelor in Paradise finale. Read more about their relationship here.