The Pros & Cons of Nick Viall Being The Bachelor

Tuesday night on After Paradise, it was announced that Nick Viall will be the star of the 21st season of the Bachelor airing early next year. To many, this seemed to be a decision that came out of left field. While it is a big shock since many were expecting for Luke to be the Bachelor, the producers don’t make these decisions half-hearted and put a lot of thought into choosing Nick. Here are some pros and cons of him being your new Bachelor.

nick-viall-kaitlynPro: He knows the ropes.

Nick has always been on the receiving side of the roses — minus his stint on Bachelor in Paradise — so he understands how the show works. He will be used to the late nights of filming and seems to have the interview part down pat.

Con: His age.

Many people have pointed out that Nick is 35 currently and will be 36 when the show airs (his birthday is the 29th of the month). But guess what, he isn’t the oldest Bachelor people. The oldest Bachelor was Byron Velvick, the front man of Season 6, who was actually 40 years old when filming started! Additionally, Brad Womack was 35 during his first stint as the Bachelor and 38 the second time around.

Pro: He’s funny & great at impressions.

The past few season of the Bachelor have been on the dull side. Ben and Chris didn’t have a whole lot going for them. But Nick does have a lot of great one-liners that will spice things up and makes for great interviews. He can also laugh at himself, which I think Kaitlyn and JoJo have both proven is important when you are the lead of the show.

Con: Possibility of less drama.

Who am I kidding, this isn’t going to happen when there is alcohol involved, but I needed another con. Think about it though, if they cast more age appropriate women, think late 20s, early 30s, they might be able to be a little more mature and not catty? Possibly…but once again when alcohol and previous hearts are involved it isn’t very likely. But don’t we all watch the show for the drama?