iOS 10 is Really, Really Creepy

It’s been almost a week since Apple graced us with yet another iOS update–this time iOS10!

So now that we’ve had a chance to explore all the possibilities this new update has, here are the changes that came with downloading the latest iOS software to our precious iPhones (and I’m warning you–some are a little creepy).


Tons of New iMessage Changes

With iOS 10, we got a complete overhaul of the iMessage app. I’m not talking complete interface changes, I’m talking a completely new way to send messages to your friends and family. Step aside Android users, the iPhone’s messaging app is pretty cool now. Here are the new things you can explore within the app:

  • New emojis!
  • Words can become emojis:
    • Type a word (for example, “money”) and replace it with the respective emoji
  • Send messages with effects:
    • Slam
    • Loud
    • Gentle
    • Invisible Ink
  • Send animations
    • Balloons
    • Confetti
    • And many more!
  • Sticker packs and apps WITHIN the app
    • There is a iMessage App Store built right into the iMessage app where you can find stickers, images and more! You can even download extra emojis.
  • Rich links
    • Links are no longer lengthy snippets of URL text–iMessage now displays them as “rich links” with previews of the link (just as you would see on Facebook, for example).
  • Send handwritten notes:
    • Flip your phone landscape, choose the little “squiggle” in the bottom right corner and write away! It will show the person on the receiving end an animated version of what you’ve written.
    • Or, send handwritten notes or drawings by tapping into the arrow of the keyboard and write on the black background.
    • Like audio messages, you can choose to keep these “handwritten” texts or allow them to expire.
  • ios-10-messages-emoji-tapbacks-keynoteMore options for “Read Receipts.”
    • If you want to turn off Read Receipts for a certain person, you can! You can choose who reads and who doesn’t! Great function.
  • Send GIFs right from the app:
    • Your iMessage app will sometimes suggest certain GIFs based on your conversation, or you can manually search for a GIF right in the app.
  • React to messages! You can now react to your own text messages or others.

There is much more iMessage app and much more to learn, but these are the biggest changes I noticed after having downloaded it for a single day. Learn how all of these iMessage functions work here.

Dude, Where’s my Car?

Okay, so this is where things get a little weird… but also somewhat cool if you love your phone basically being your personal assistant. I noticed this immediately when I got into my car this morning–as I set my phone on the seat next to me, a notification popped up to let me know that traffic was light and which road was best to take to work. Creepy.

How does it know I’m in my car? Next, as I left my car parked at work and I walked inside, I received another notification to tell me where I had parked my car. Creepier. It knew I’d gotten out of my car!? And also marked where I had left it!? So yes, this is apparently a thing with iOS 10.

We all have been aware that our iPhones (if you have Location Services on) will monitor where you work, where you live, etc. It’s all based on the amount of time spent somewhere. In this case, Maps will note when you’re not at home and track where you parked your car. Read more about this handy update.

Set Yourself a “Bedtime”

If you’re like me, you go to bed usually at the same time each night to get the right amount of sleep (or at least try to). The Clock app comes with a new feature called “Bedtime.” You might notice the interface of the app looks a bit different, too.

You can set a Bedtime and an alarm that will go off during the weekdays or weekends, or whenever you want. The app will monitor how much sleep you get and map it over a period of time. Useful if you’re someone who runs on a schedule.

There are many, many more changes that came with the iOS 10 update. Read more about the 28 best hidden features.