Cuteness Overload: Adorable Celeb Dogs

You’re either a dog person or a cat person, rarely are you both. It seems like a lot of celebs are dog people so we decided to find some of the cutest celebrity dogs around.

Elvis – Celeb Mom: Lucy Hale

Elvis is just a puppy but he immediately won fans over when Lucy Hale shared his photo on Instagram. She hasn’t stopped posting pictures and we are very very thankful for that. He’s so cute that you almost want to ask Lucy where you change the batteries.


Moose – Celeb Mom: Aimee Carrero

Can this dog be any more fluffy and adorable? According to Aimee’s #NationalDogDay Instagram post, Moose runs the world and with that face he probably gets anything he wants!


Fitz – Celeb Mom: Lauren Conrad

Fitz is too cute for his own good! Lauren Conrad adopted Fitz from a shelter and he joined big sister Chloe, who was also rescued. Fitz alone is a cutie, but together they make an adorable pair, just like Lauren and her husband/doggie dad William Tell.


Nacho – Celeb Mom: Jillian Harris

Nacho was rescued from Mexico by former Bachelorette Jillian Harris. He has his own Instagram account and is so sassy, it’s too much to handle. He’s also doing real good as a big brother to Leo, who Jillian and her fiance welcomed last month.


Dylan – Celeb Dad: Tyler Blackburn

If you’re a fan of PLL you probably want to snuggle up to Tyler Blackburn who plays Caleb, but you will have to get in line behind Dylan. Dylan currently is the center of attention for Tyler, sorry ladies!


Django – Celeb Dad: Leonardo Dicaprio

Can these two be more dapper? Leo’s french bulldog is his pride and joy. The real question is, who is cuter, Leo or Django? It’s a tough call in our opinion.


Baxter – Celeb Dad: Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds fell in love with his dog at a shelter as fast as us women fall in love with his abs every time he takes his shirt off. Baxter was rescued in 2009 and is mixed-breed according to Reynolds. Reynold’s wife, Blake Lively and Baxter get along real well too!