The Top 10 Best Disney Channel Original Movies

We could probably watch all the Disney Channel Original Movies over and over. Who doesn’t love a little nostalgia and reliving their childhood? Disney Channel had some of the best movies in the ’90s and early ’00s, many of which you probably forgot about. Disney Channel has a long library of movies, seriously, the list goes on and on. From around 1998 to 2010, Disney Channel created some of the best made-for-TV movies of our time. Remember Brink or The Thirteenth Year? They were ’90s classics on Disney Channel. So, here’s a top 10 list of Disney Channel Original Movies worth re-watching again, even if you’re now a 20-something (this is a judgement-free Disney Channel zone).

Halloween Town

Easily the best movie to watch around Halloween. Halloween Town has always been a classic on Disney Channel. We’re talking witches, goblins, and nasty creatures. Since its original release in 1998, there have been three more film releases following. While they’re not as great as the original, they’re still worth watching if you’re in the mood for a Halloween Town marathon. Take our word for it: Disney Channel always plays a marathon of their Halloween movies in October.

Smart House

2afcea7497b341395836830c5a4cc8ce61c7255cSmart House was one of the most exciting movies in the ’90s for kids. And yes, the title says it all. It’s about a futuristic house that goes a little insane and… comes to life. It’s a classic.

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

When you think Disney Channel Original Movie, you should probably think: Zenon. She was easily the “It” girl of Disney Channel in the ’90s and early ’00s. It’s a film about a girl in the future set in 2049 (that’s only 33 years from now). While it was pretty futuristic, of course we can assume the space-themed movie was a bit of a stretch. Still, there are few things she’s got right about the world we live in now.

Oh, and if you’re looking to make a marathon out this, you can. There were two more movies made after the original–Zenon: The Zequel and Zenon: Z3.


Motocrossed is about a girl named Andrea who loves the sport Motocross, even though her father finds that she is unsuited for the sport. She ends up taking the place of her twin brother, Andrew, for a race after he dislocates his knee. With the help of her mother, she secretly races in the Motocross race while her father is off in Europe searching for a replacement. You’ve probably seen a lot of movies like this (think: She’s the Man) which are films loosely based on William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

The Luck of the Irish

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya. The Luck of the Irish is easily one of the most bizarre Disney Channel Original Movies but it’s also one of my favorites. Basically, a popular basketball player learns about his heritage, leading to the realization that he’s actually a Leprechaun. Yeah, weird. But it’s one of the classics we can’t resist.

Double Teamed

Doubled Teamed is based off of two real life professional basketball players, Heather and Heidi Burge. The twins, both originally high school volleyball players, are forced to leave their current high school for another one for better chances at scholarships. But when the basketball coach sees their abilities as volleyball players, he recruits them for the sport.

Cadet Kelly

Cadet_Kelly_film_posterRemember when Hilary Duff was the Miley Cyrus of the early 2000s? Those were the days. She starred in Cadet Kelly, one of the best coming of age Disney Channel movies on TV. When Kelly, a spoiled, childish teenager, is sent to military school after her mom marries a General, her world turns upside down. She meets some nasty people along the way, but eventually makes good friends with them. She learns a little about herself, but also teaches people to not take things so seriously, either.

Cheetah Girls

Cheetah Girls was the first “musical” for Disney Channel. It followed four girls who different backgrounds following their dreams to become singers. Cheetah Girls was and still is a classic. We’re Cheetah Girls, Cheetah Sistas!

Right on Track

Right on Track was a film that many people forget about today, but it was still up there in one of Disney’s top movies in 2003. It was one of the Disney’s movie that was also based off of two real life sisters who were some of the best in a “man’s sport,” drag racing. Courtney and Erica Enders find a passion in junior drag racing and become some of the best in the sport. Naturally, racing conflicts with Erica’s social and academic life, and she must choose what her real passion is.

The Even Stevens Movie

The Even Stevens Movie served as the series finale or Even Stevens. It was one of Disney’s first movies based on one of their original series. The movie is fun, adventurous, goofy, and easily a good laugh.