Top 2016 Albums (So Far)

June has officially come to an end and that means that 2016 is officially halfway over, whether we like it or not. I have been really surprised with the popularity of 2016’s albums so far. There have been so many great albums released already, and I can’t wait for the rest of the 2016 albums. I have a feeling that this year could be the year of music. Here are 10 popular albums that have been released in 2016 so far.


Title: Anti

Artist: Rihanna

Genre: Contemporary R&B


This album of Rihanna’s was definitely one of her more loved albums. It was the first album in 2016 to go double platinum, it received one million downloads, and it was ruling number one on the Billboard 200. My favorite songs off of Anti are “Kiss It Better” and her cover of Tame Impala’s song “Same Ol’ Mistakes.”


Title : The Life of Pablo

Artist: Kanye West

Genre: Hip Hop

Originally, The Life of Pablo was only released on Tidal, and then was released on other music platforms weeks later. Since users have to pay for Tidal, it made the album highly anticipated since it wasn’t available everywhere for free. This album discusses Kanye’s life and his fame. My favorite songs off of this album are “Ultralight Beam” and “Pt. 2.”


Title: Views

Artist: Drake

Genre: Hip Hop

I didn’t consider myself a Drake fan until this album dropped. I really loved how he included dancehall vibes in a lot of his songs, similar to what Rihanna did on her Anti album. His album also included singing melodies over rap beats. My favorite songs off of Views are “Controlla” and “One Dance.”


Title: I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It

Artist: The 1975

Genre: Alternative Rock/Pop

The 1975’s latest album is a mouthful, but it is called I Like It When You Sleep for short. This is their sophmore album which was released after their lead single “Love Me.” Their second album was a success and critics love it. My favorite song off of I Like It When You Sleep is “Somebody Else.”


Title: Mind of Mine

Artist: Zayn

Genre: R&B/Pop

This was Zayn’s first album after he announced he was leaving One Direction. I was surprised at how well the album came out. He can hold any note, his voice sounds beautiful, and his range and rolls are amazing. My favorite songs are the intro song, “MiNd Of MiNdd” and “dRuNk.”


Title: Lemonade

Artist: Beyoncé

Genre: R&B/Pop

First released as an hour long film, I think this was the album of 2016 that created the most buzz. I think her Superbowl performance in February helped create this anticipated buzz for her album release. Beyoncé sings empowering words throughout this album, and has features from artists like Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd. My favorite songs off of Lemonade are “All Night” and “Sorry.”


Title: Dangerous Woman

Artist: Ariana Grande

Genre: Pop/R&B

This album shows the grown-up side of Grande, after starting out as a younger star on television. She showcased her amazing vocals as always, and some even compare her vocals to Mariah Carey’s. My favorite songs off of Dangerous Woman are “Dangerous Woman” and “Let Me Love You (feat. Lil Wayne).”


Title: Don’t You

Artist: Wet

Genre: Electronic pop

Don’t You is Wet’s debut album, and I would consider it a breakup album with all the right feels. This is my favorite album of 2016 so far because I think it is just all around amazing. It’s a very lyrical album that is influenced by R&B styles from the 90s. My favorite songs from Don’t You are “Deadwater” and “It’s All in Vain.”


Title: Coloring Book

Artist: Chance The Rapper

Genre: Alternative hip hop

This Chicago native rapper surprised a lot of people with a gospel sound to this album. After the sound of Acid Rap, you wouldn’t expect this sound from Chance. He recently had a child which influenced the sound of Coloring Book. My favorite songs are “No Problem,” “Juke Jam,” and “Mixtape.”


Title: Blackstar

Artist: David Bowie

Genre: Art Rock

Blackstar was the 25th and last album from David Bowie, since he recently passed in early January. He died a couple of days after the release of Blackstar. Bowie fans were able to reminisce the sound of Bowie through the jazz and drama sound of this album. My favorite song off of Blackstar is “Lazarus.”