The Best Tweets From Amazon Prime Day

Last year, Amazon Prime Day was a disaster, a major disaster. Prime Day is a big deal for some, I mean this guy has been saving up for what might as well be a national holiday. 😉

While I was looking forward to doing some shopping today, I was extra excited to troll Twitter for #PrimeDayFail tweets. The majority of tweets were customers sharing their frustration over not being able to add items to their carts. This was especially a problem when the deal was running out of time and customers didn’t hold back their annoyance on Twitter about it either: 

It appears that Jeff did find the solution to the problem though…

…Because Amazon’s customer service struggled to do so.

Customers also shared some of the strange products they came across. I mean, I’m sure everyone has been waiting for this book to go on sale. I know I have.

Others basically called Prime Day Amazon’s Garage Sale…

It’s a good thing Twitter is around for days like today though, otherwise we’d all miss out on amazing deals like this:

Or this steal:

Overall, Prime Day 2016 didn’t make up for last years issues. Some shoppers shared their disappointment with the day too:

Cross your fingers that Amazon can do better next year, but I won’t be holding my breathe.