Will ‘Finding Dory’ Hurt Fish Species?

Finding Dory is a Disney sequel that many people have been waiting for, including myself. Moviegoers had to wait 13 years for a Finding Nemo sequel. Finally, the wait for Finding Dory is over this Friday, June 17. In Finding Nemo, a clownfish named Marlin was able to find his son with the help of Dory, a blue tang fish with short term memory loss, after he was taken by a diver. In the sequel Finding Dory, Dory remembers that she has a family and she is determined to find them.

According to many sources, because of how popular Finding Nemo was in 2003, it caused a harm to the clownfish species in the ocean. The demand for clownfish went up, causing less clownfish in the ocean and more clownfish in aquarium tanks. Will the release of Finding Dory create the same problem for the blue tang fish species?

It is predicted that blue tang fish are in danger because of how popular Finding Dory is predicted to be. Although clownfish were taken from the ocean to meet their demand for purchase, they were also easy to breed in tanks. Blue tang fish can’t be easily bred in tanks, and experiments to breed them have failed. Scientists believe that the blue tang fish species will be taken from the ocean as people are going to want them in their home aquariums, just like how they wanted clownfish. Although blue tang fish aren’t endangered, people are still predicting that this movie will harm the blue tang fish ocean population with the predicted popularity of Finding Dory.

Although Disney and Pixar have received some backlash from Finding Dory, they are responding to it well by providing movie goers with information about the fish in real life and how to take care of them. A lot of people are trying to get Disney to inform people about the importance of leaving fish in the wild before the movie starts. There are many organizations that bring awareness to blue tang fish and the concerns of the population of that species after the movie is released.

Regardless if Disney decides to show the PSA before the movie or not, people are still as excited to see Finding Dory as they should be. It is okay to purchase a saltwater fish as long as you know how to take care of them properly. There are other ways for guests to have their own pet Dory. They can purchase their own Dory at Disney stores.