The Best Lip Sync Battle Performances

I watch way too much TV. I watch the usual shows that most people my age do such as The Bachelor/ette, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, etc. One of my guilty pleasures is definitely Lip Sync Battle on Spike though. It is great to turn on while getting a quick workout in because it’s never the same and always entertaining! I’m trying to get everyone hooked on the show, so watch some of the best performance below and then catch up!

Andy Cohen – “Working for the Weekend”

Andy Cohen is a naturally funny guy so it wasn’t a surprise that his performance had people laughing! His outfit is probably the best part of his performance. He didn’t shy away from the red pants or the big hair!

Hayden Panettiere – “Lady Marmalade”

Hayden had the look down perfectly. She was not afraid to show off her sexy side in this outfit and performance and when Christina Aguilera came out, the game was over.

Josh Peck – “Thong Song”

I grew up watching Drake and Josh so I am a little biased just because I am a fan of Josh, but his lip sync performance of the “Thong Song” was very entertaining. That boy can dance! And he did not shy away from a thong.

Anne Hathaway – “Wrecking Ball”

I have to say, I think Anne Hathaway did a better job with “Wrecking Ball” than Miley Cyrus did. She had to look down to a t and wasn’t afraid of the sledgehammer! She brought it and definitely deserved the belt that she won!

Channing Tatum – “Run The World (Girls)”

The second season premiered with a #TatumTakeover – Channing vs. Jenna and it was pretty amazing. Jenna performed Pony with exact choreography of Channing’s in the Magic Mike movies which was fantastic. But Channing topped her with Beyonce.