The Craziest 5K Races You Have to Run

Within the past few years, more and more themed 5K races are showing up in cities everywhere. People are running through mud, bouncing off inflatables, or even getting foam thrown in their face. And the best part about these races is that you don’t actually have to be a good runner. Most people take their time and really enjoy the fun experience of it all. If you have wanted to try a themed 5K race, here are some of the craziest, wackiest, and thrilling ones that you have to run.

Insane Inflatable 5KInflatable

Looking for a race that makes you feel like a kid again? The Insane Inflatable 5K is exactly that. Composed of different inflatable obstacles, this fun race provides its own unique terrain where runners climb up and down inflatables, dodge from big wrecking balls, rope climb, and more! Best of all, the race isn’t timed so runners can’t take their time and enjoy the course.


WarriorWarrior Dash

This race makes you get down and dirty. The Warrior Dash is a race filled with 12 world-class obstacles that make you venture through mud, wooded lakes, rope climb, and even crawl through real barbed wire. From beginners to elite athletes, anyone can conquer this race. As you cross the finish line you’ll be rewarded with a medal, drinks, food, and other prizes.



BlacklightBlacklight Run

Glow in the dark during this unique 5K. The Blacklight Run is a thrilling night run that sprays UV neon glow powder which lights up under the high-beam blacklights. By the time you finish the race, you’ll be covered with all different neon glow powder. Remember to wear a white t-shirt to get the full effect!




FoamFoam Glow Run

This 5K is an absolute foam party! Not only does this race include blacklights like the Blacklight Run, but also glowing foam. The Foam Glow run is full of surprises where cannons shoot of foam all throughout the race. As you reach the finish line, expect to be covered in neon glowing foam from head to foot.


The Zombie Run

Zombies come to life in this frightening and exciting 5K. During this race you get to face your fears and run from zombies through wooded paths and trails. ZombieYou even get to choose if you want to be a Runner or be a Zombie. If you choose to be a Zombie you will be staged throughout the course and pull the runner’s flags as they run through your “Zombie Zone”. The Zombie Run also has other surprises that are hidden throughout the course. See if you can make it out alive in this thrilling 5K.