The Bachelorette Recap – Standout Men from Night 1

Romance is back on Monday night television. The season 12 premiere of The Bachelorette premiered last Monday May 23rd, and Jojo Fletcher is back getting a second chance at her happily-ever-after. For those who might not know Jojo, she was the runner up on Ben Higgins season of The Bachelor. Even though she was left blindsided and heartbroken by Ben, she now gets the hope of finding love with 26 new men. From a former NFL player, singer-song writer, real estate agent, war veteran, and even Santa Claus, here are the standout men that had the best connection with the Texan beauty from the first night.The-Bachelorette-jojo-unicorn

Jordan Rodgers was the first guy to arrive and meet Jojo, and did he leave a good first impression! He was a former NFL player and is actually the little brother to Aaron Rodgers. As soon as Jojo saw him you could tell she was impressed since she couldn’t stop gushing about how great he looked. The two then later met up again that night and immediately had a great connection. As Jordan left their first meeting, he couldn’t help but feel that he missed his chance to kiss her, so later he swept her away and gave Jojo an unforgettable kiss. Spoiler alert! He also got the first impression rose from Jojo.

Chad seemed to be another top contender of night one. He is a luxury real estate agent and you can tell that he is a confident guy. When Chad and Jojo met the first time he gave her an awkward hug and Jojo then complimented him on how nice he smells. It was an awkward first encounter, but later when they met up inside the mansion Jojo said he really opened up to her. They seem to have a good connection so far, but when highlights from the upcoming season premiered it showed clips of his violent side.

Nick B., or should we say Saint Nick, came out of the limo in a Santa Claus costume. He introduced himself to Jojo as “Saint Nick” and even gave her a present. However, it seemed that Jojo liked him and throughout the night he would say “Jo Jo Jo” instead of “Ho Ho Ho”. When they did finally meet up inside the mansion Jojo got the chance to take off his beard and they had a great conversation. It seems like the connection is there, and Jojo actually appreciated Nick’s goofiness.

James Taylor, a singer-song writer, arrives at the mansion with his guitar in hand. As he hops out of the limo he begins to serenade Jojo with a song he wrote about them. He also couldn’t get over how much prettier Jojo was in person than on TV, and Jojo couldn’t stop smiling. She was definitely attracted to him, so he looks like a top contender during her search for love.

Luke was the last guy to ride up to the mansion and not in the limo, but on an actual horse with a unicorn horn. (Last season Jojo came out of the limo with a unicorn mask on.) Luke is a war veteran and is from Texas, where Jojo is also from. It was easy to see that Jojo was instantly attracted to him, and later when they met up inside Luke gave her a pair of cowboy boots. He is definitely a southern gentleman and Jojo can definitely see that in him.

Jojo ended her first night giving out 19 roses during the rose ceremony, and each of the five men above received one. Overall, the night was full of romance, drama, laughs, and surprises. Who knows if these five men will still be around come the end of next episode, but here is a toast to Jojo hopefully finding her true love this season on The Bachelorette!