Titanic Anniversary

It has been 104 years today since the Titanic sank after hitting an iceberg. After the Titanic crashed into the iceberg, this caused parts of steel to become loose. There were few survivors as many lives were lost. As we all know, in 1997, there was a movie made out of this tragic story starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as Jack and Rose. This was an award winning film that had many relations to the actual history of the Titanic sinking. In honor of the anniversary, here are some interesting facts that you might not have known about the movie, or about the actual story of the Titanic.

Even though the Titanic hit an iceberg, the steel on the outside of the ship started to fall off because of this. It has been said that the steel that made up the ship was nailed on by hand. Because of the freezing temperatures, this caused the steel on the outside of the ship to fall off. Some passengers who survived said that the ship went under split in two, and others said that it sank in one piece.

On board of the ship in 1912 were the owners of the Macy’s Department. The scene in the movie with the older couple in bed as water rushed in represented the owners. The scene showing musicians that kept playing music as the boat continued to sink actually happened on the Titanic ship.

The movie that James Cameron produced earned 11 Oscars. Some factors that were included in the making of the film he made to mimic the actual story. The movie time of the film is 2 hours and 40 minutes, which is exactly how long it took for the actual ship to sink. Another interesting movie fact was that the Titanic was the first movie to go out on video while it was still playing in the theaters.

Even though the connection between the characters were fictional, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet had chemistry off the screen for many years after the movie was filmed. When they see each other at movie awards and on red carpets, you can see the connection between them. When Kate Winslet received an award, Leonardo’s excited reaction to her winning the award was authentic. Kate Winslet did the same for Leonardo DiCaprio when he won his first Oscar. Even though the piece of wood that Rose was floating on had enough room for Jack to survive on, still nothing could come between them.

This guest post has been contributed by Capital Steel and Wire Inc., and their article discussing the brittle steel that made up the Titanic ship.