Coachella 2016 Fashion Trends

Coachella music festival, located in California, is one of the most loved music festivals in the United States. One of the most loved things about Coachella is the music, of course. Some of the many music headliners for Coachella this year include Guns N’ Roses, A$AP Rocky, Halsey, and Beach House.  The Coachella music festival offers more than just music, it has art showings and food and beverages provided by pop up restaurants. Another most loved thing about Coachella is the music festival fashion trends that celebrities wear during Coachella. Some Coachella celebrity fashion icons include Vanessa Hudgens, Kendall Jenner, and Rihanna. Here are the current music festival trends that are predicted for Coachella 2016, and other music festivals alike.

For this year, ditch the fringe and flower crowns from your music festival wardrobe. Vogue predicts that this year the top fashion trend will be including pom poms. These little puff balls have been a huge fashion accessory recently since the end of 2015, and are supposed to have their peak soon in various ways throughout many outfits.

For tops, there are many trends that match the Coachella vibe. Off the shoulder shirts, open shoulder shirts, and halter tops are big for this festival season. For the fabric, lace, crochet knit, and bright print designs are on trend for this year. Also, off the shoulder dresses and halter dresses are a way to keep the outfit simple, but still meet the music festival fashion trends for this year.

For shoes, the fashion trends for this year are white sneakers and strap sandals. Although white sneakers can be hard to keep clean at an outdoor music festival, they are a comfortable shoe that make a statement. A current favorite white sneaker are the Adidas Superstar sneakers. Strap sandals are also easy to slip on and wear throughout the entire day.

Accessory trends for 2016 music festival fashion include chokers and of course a cute pair of sunglasses. For all the 90s lovers out there, chokers are making a come back. This time around, they come in velvet or leather material. Statement and gold chain chokers are also a current favorite. Mix and match more than one choker to add some more flavor to your look. Sunglasses are a staple piece to have for music festivals, since music lovers will be out in the sun a lot. Round sunglasses are expected to be seen at Coachella and many other music festivals in the United States.