The Most Followed Celebrity Instagram Accounts

Selena Gomez InstaWith news that Instagram might be concocting an algorithm to change up your Instagram feed, we thought it only seemed necessary to take a look at the most followed celebrity instagram accounts. Many Instagram users are worried that an algorithm could potentially harm their own accounts. Jaime King took to Instagram to post this picture explaining why an Instagram algorithm only focuses on the “popular” accounts based on likes.

As you might remember, Facebook switched to an algorithm in 2009 which was largely based on the popularity of posts, and Twitter followed suit with a similar algorithm last month. Once users become accustomed to these changes, they usually don’t notice much of a change. Well, for Instagram, if the algorithm update goes through, users will likely see more and more popular posts at the top of their feeds (just like Twitter and Facebook), and Instagram users are not happy.

So, get ready to see a whole lot of Kardashians, Taylor Swift, and… recent top Instagram queen, Selena Gomez (that is, if you follow them).

1. Selena Gomez

Sitting at No. 1 is Selena Gomez. It was big news last week when she surpassed her bestie, Tay on Instagram. Who would’ve guessed this child star who began on Disney would rise to Insta fame? Not us. Though it helps that she’s down-to-earth, posts beautiful, unique photos, and loves her Happy Meal as much as the next kid.

2. Taylor Swift

Coming second is Taylor Swift (of course). She sat at No. 1 for quite a while until her Grammy’s date passed her in the rankings. She loves to post cute pictures of herself doing Taylor things, like playing with her cats or hanging with the boyfriend.

3. Kim Kardashian

Not much needs to be said here, except that Kim apparently never has clothes to wear. The selfie queen sits at No. 3 in the Insta rankings. Is

4. Ariana Grande

Surprisingly, this pop singer has snagged a spot within the top 5 most followed celebrity Instagrams. She loves to post lots of Insta videos.

5. Beyonce

Queen Bey takes No. 5 in this category, though it’s a major question why she isn’t above Kim K. Her photos are absolutely stunning and classy!

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