Kylie Jenner Might Think She’s the Only Person Named Kylie

With lip kits and hair extensions pretty much all she has to her name (well that, and being related to the Kardashian group), Kylie Jenner is now trying to trademark her very own name. This isn’t news, though. It was last August that the younger Jenner sister filed a U.S. trademark application for the term “Kylie,” which would seek to protect the term when connected to advertisements.

Not so fast, Kylie. You’re not the only one with that name. Another Kylie noticed your trademark application and decided to oppose it. Kylie Minogue, an Australian pop star, already owns several Kylie trademarks across the entertainment industry and for music recordings. Some of her trademarked terms include, “Kylie Minoque Darling,” “Lucky – the Kylie Minogue musical,” and simply, “Kylie Minogue.” She has also owned the website since 1996. Kylie Jenner wasn’t even born yet.

Kylie Jenner might take some pointers from the Australian pop star. None of her trademarked terms are simply “Kylie.” Kylie Minogue has stated she is afraid Kylie Jenner’s application to apply for the term will confuse audiences and ultimately fade out Minogue’s brand. There are already court documents stating these sorts of claims. As you’ll see, Kylie Minogue’s grounds for opposition include, “Priority and likelihood of confusion,” “Dilution by blurring,” and “Dilution by tarnishment.” The court documents also slam Kylie Jenner for drawing criticism with her social media and photoshoot appearances, also referring to her as a “secondary reality television personality.” Burn.

In a tweet sent out on Feb. 28, Kylie Minogue stated, “Hello… My name is KYLIE #lightyears.” Her hashtag refers to a lyric by the pop star but also hints at the fact that Minogue has many more years of experience over Jenner.

To give the Jenner sister a little advice: if you’re looking to trademark your name, do so with your first and last name, as seen with Kylie Minogue. “Kylie Jenner” seems pretty original to me, and it’s likely no one else has that unique name. The world doesn’t revolve around lip kits and turquoise hair extensions, unfortunately.