How to Transition from Winter to Spring in Style

This is the weird time of year when picking out outfits can be very difficult. It can be hard to know what trends will be hot in the spring season when it doesn’t really feel like spring weather. Until the world has figured out what season it wants to be, here are different ways to transition your winter clothes into your spring wardrobe.

One way to transition your winter wardrobe into your spring wardrobe is to master the layering technique. That way, you can be prepared for the weather for the day no matter if it’s hot or cold. One tip for layering when the weather is transitioning from cold to hot is to use light clothing to layer so that it won’t get uncomfortably hot underneath a lot of thick clothing. Another tip for layering is to stick to the basics. Take a pair of leather pants and a flannel from your winter wardrobe, and pair that with a white tee and light rain jacket from your spring wardrobe for the ultimate in-between seasons outfit. Another way to layer for the spring time is to wear a sweater over a short sundress and tights. This look gives you warmth, but with a spring flair to it.

Another way to transition your winter wardrobe into your spring wardrobe is to take the staples from the winter trend season and incorporate them into your spring wardrobe. For example, black ankle booties were very trendy in the fall and winter this year, and you can still wear them throughout in the spring time. Pair the boots with a cute spring sundress and an army, leather, or bomber jacket to create a trendy spring look.

If the weather is cold one day and you have to bundle up, there are still ways to incorporate a spring sense of style into your outfit. Wearing leggings, a sweater, combat boots, and a winter jacket is a common go-to winter outfit. In that case, you can add some color to your ensemble by wearing spring makeup trends and spring jewelry. Try wearing a new bright matte lip gloss and add either a statement necklace or statement earrings to brighten up your winter look.