Apple Keynote Roundup

Yesterday, Apple held its March 2016 Event to announce some new gadgets. As with every Apple Keynote Event, there are bound to be some big reveals. Here’s everything that went down:

  • To start off, CEO Tim Cook addressed the FBI battle regarding iPhone security and the need to unlock an iPhone. Recently, a mysterious third party has stepped forward claiming it can unlock the iPhone, therefore uninvolving Apple.
  • Apple announced Apple Renew, a program that allows users to recycle their devices at an Apple store or online. A robot, named Liam, will take a part an iPhone and remove pieces from the device to be repurposed.
  • Apple revealed a new research tool called CareKit. This tool helps users better understand data as it relates to health conditions. iPhone users can track vitals like temperature, heart rate, or range of motion–all things that could come in handy for everyday use or emergency use. The data can also be shared with doctors to adjust treatments.
  • Apple dropped the price of Apple Watch to $299. Prior to the drop, the cheapest version was $349. Apple also revealed some flashy new Apple Watch bands.
  • There were also some new updates with Apple TV, like a new operating system that will allow users to create folders on their Apple TV devices and use voice dictation.
  • And the big news: a smaller iPhone reveal. The iPhone SE is a 4-inch device that comes in four different colors. This is the smallest iPhone there has been to date, but it will feature all the same cool stuff that the latest iPhones have. The new iPhone SE will be available for pre-order March 24, and available in stores on March 31.
  • You can’t have an Apple Keynote without an iOS update. Apple announced its new iOS 9.3 update, which will feature subtle changes like password protection on notes, a night shift sleep-friendly lighting mode, and app suggestions for Health apps.
  • Apple also revealed a new small iPad Pro. Apple seems to like things in small packages this year. It will be a 9.7-inch Retina display iPad Pro. This smaller iPad will weigh less than one pound.