The Most Unique Celebrity Baby Names Throughout the Years

Celebrities are known for doing things out of the box. They’re known for buying massive mansions and giant vacation homes and crazy nice cars. They’re known for going on interesting Twitter rants and Twitter fights with other celebrities. They’re also known for naming their children very unique (and abnormal) names. Most celebrities today don’t name their son Paul or Sam or name their daughter Makayla or Katie. Nope. They name their children after an object, or… some unique combination of words. But really, what’s in a name?

Here are the most unique celebrity baby names we’ve seen throughout the years:

Blue Ivy Carter

Daughter of Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z (Shawn Corey Carter) | Blue Ivy is probably the most popular “unique” celebrity baby name. The moment Beyonce and Jay-Z announced the name of their daughter as Blue Ivy, fans went crazy with questions. What does it mean? Why that name? A few years ago, Beyonce posted a passage that apparently hinted at what her daughter’s name could mean.

Jaden and Willow Smith

Son and daughter of Jada and Will Smith | Jaden and Willow Smith have probably the most “normal” names out of the bunch, but you’ll se that the family doesn’t stray too far from unorginality. Jaden gets his name after his mother Jada and Willow gets her name after her father Will.

North West

Daughter of Kim Kardashian West and Kayne West | Everyone speculated what Kim and Kanye would name their first child, but no one would have guessed they name her after a direction. Yes, a direction. The two named their first daughter North (and if combined with her last name, makes North West). The joke that never gets old: that kid is going way up… and a little to the left.

James Reynolds

Daughter of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds | Ryan and Blake recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and no, they did not name her a typical girl name. In fact, they didn’t name her a girl name at all. They named her James after Ryan’s later father. People have been a little skeptical of their daughter’s name, but Ryan quickly shut down haters and said at least he didn’t name his child “Summer Squash Meadowlark.”

I think James is a beautiful name for a girl and a wonderful tribute to Ryan’s father.

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