Romantic Movies Hitting Theaters This Year

This year’s lineup of romantic movies is both heartwarming and inspiring.¬†Romantic movies often run together, having similar themes and plots, but this year’s romantic film list includes unique films. We might have seen some plotlines in previous movies, but each of these bring something new to the table. While these are not all of the romantic drama films or rom-coms you can catch this year in theaters, if you’re looking for a good cry combined with heartfelt feelings, these movies will deliver.

The Choice | February 5, 2016

The Choice is yet another romantic, heartbreaking Nicholas Sparks story to grace the big screen. This isn’t your classic chick fick, however. It’s a truly realistic love story that follows the lives of Travis (Benjamin Walker) and Gabby (Teresa Palmer) who meet as neighbors in a small coastal town (this is how you known it’s based off a Sparks novel). Naturally, they fall in love but are tested by life’s harshest events.

You might be wondering how the title plays a role in all this. The Choice defines Travis’ hardest decision when the love of his life, Gabby, is put on life support after a terrible accident. He must make the choice whether to keep Gabby on life support or take her off. What happens from there, you’ll just have to watch. Nicholas Spark is notorious for heartbreaking films, but you might walk away a little less heartbroken from this one.

Tumbledown | Februrary 12, 2016

Tumbledown is a rom-com starring Jason Sudeikis as Andrew McDonnell and Rebecca Hall as Hannah. After Hannah’s husband passes away, a New York writer (Andrew) arrives in her rural hometown in Maine to investigate and write about her late husband. It follows the story of Hannah struggling to move on with her life given the amiguity of her husband’s death. Andrew forces Hannah to confront her loss and make the decison to move on. The story captures the notion that moving on comes in many forms and in many unexpected events in life. It’s with this very New York writer, as you might have guessed, who Hannah falls in love with.

Me Before You | June 3, 2016

Me Before You¬†might be the most romantic film you see in a while. The romantic story tests love, trust, and strength between two strangers who fall in love in unlikely circumstances. The film follows Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), a once active, high-energy, wealthy man, who became paralyzed during a road accident and his care taker, Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke). Louisa simply wants a job, and when she’s hired as Will’s care taker, he’s not exactly the person he was before her. Because Will has no movement throughout his body, Louisa must care for him more than usual, leading them to learn more and more about each other. If you haven’t seen the trailer, I suggest you give it a watch. You might cry.