It’s Official! Gilmore Girls Set to Return!

It’s official! The beloved Gilmore Girls television show will return to finish the story we have so many questions about. Last fall, very strong (hopeful) rumors were circulating the web that Gilmore Girls would be getting a revival on Netflix. Though the news was never actually confirmed until recently Lauren Graham tweeted the confirmation, we were always crossing our fingers that a revival was indeed in the works. So naturally, when Gilmore Girls fans found out about the official news, we all kind of lost it.

The entire cast (except for Loralai’s best friend, Sookie) will be returning to bring the story back to life. And we have so many questions. Will all of Rory’s boyfriends appear? Will we see heart-throb Jess? What about Dean? What will happen between Rory and Logan? How is Loralai’s relationship with Luke? Are Kirk and Lulu married? Who is running the Dragonfly Inn? Is Emily Gilmore just as ruthless as ever? (Probably.) Will Paris still be around doing silly Paris things? How will the show write off Sookie now that Melissa McCarthy is incredibly famous? Or, will the show give us Sookie after all? So many questions.

The revival has a certain excitement about it that makes it different than any other revival. It’s because Amy Sherman-Palladino (the show’s original writer and creator) couldn’t end Gilmore Girls the way she’d envisioned due to an on-set contract dispute. If you watch the show, that’s why you’ll notice the final season, Season 7, was unlike the ones that preceded it. It’s time for us to get an ending that the Gilmore Girls deserves. While we probably won’t get a release date anytime soon, I’m guessing this show might air sometime in the fall on Netflix.

All I can say is, “Oy, with the poodles, already.”