10 Ideas for Unique, Practical Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are your way to say Thank you to your wedding guests, so they deserve some thought and time. Brides often go for the DIY method for wedding favors, while some might consider purchasing customized favors. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to keep your guests in mind. Here are some unique wedding favors to consider for your big day:

Personalized Bottle Openers

11136NA_AnchorOpen_LThese are classic, yet unique favors that your guests will love. They are something guests will use after the wedding, which makes the favor even more practical. To give a bottle opener a personal touch, cusomize them either for each guest or specifically for the wedding or theme.

Champagne Flutes

Send you wedding guests off with personalized champagne flutes. They’re elegant, yet classy wedding favors that your guests will enjoy post-wedding. Check Etsy for glasses that can be customized to your preferences.

Flip Flops or Flats for Dancing

il_570xN.440053864_844dWhile these favors might be something you include with an additional wedding favor, something that your female guests will enjoy is a supply of flip flops or flats to use during the reception. They’re especially great if you’re having an outdoor reception, making it more difficult to walk in heels. Customize these flat shoes to give them a personal touch. You can purchase flip flops at a local dollar store to minimize cost. Tip: Ask your guests what size shoe they wear first so you can gather the right sizes to accomodate everyone.

Customized Coasters

Coasters are practical and a great wedding favor that your guests will truly enjoy. Surprisingly, coasters are not cheap at times, so your guests will love taking home some customized coasters from your wedding. Tip: Do you have leftover tile from a home project? You can create your own coasters using leftover tile pieces, photos, and a coat of clear lacquer.

Coffee Mugs

For the coffee lovers, they will enjoy a favor like this. You can either turn this into a DIY project, or have them customized for the wedding. A great DIY project for this would be to obtain white ceramic mugs, design them with Sharpie, and place them in the oven to let the designs set.


wedding_favor_soaps_dd933e2a-3076-4c8f-9907-0e35b3130928Another fun DIY project or something you can have made–soaps are a practical wedding favor. They are probably the easiest DIY project. Find some pretty molds, cute boxes to store them in, and tie them off with pretty ribbon. Or, you can simply wrap them in a paper casing as you see in the photo the right. There are endless ways you can make this wedding favor personal and sweet.

Personalized Water Bottles

Having an outdoor wedding in the summer? Why not supply your guests with small, personalized water bottles? While it’s not exactly something they can take hom with them to keep, they can either grab one on their way out or while they’re still at the reception. Customize the wrapper to say both the bride’s and groom’s name or the wedding date.

Candy Tin or Mints

Send your guests off with a small tin of mints or candy. This is also a great idea for kids. Many wedding favors are often geared towards adults, but keep the children in mind, too. Maybe buy some candy specific for kids to take home with them.

Personalized Sunglasses

sunglasses_favor_weddingIf you’re having a wedding outdoors, consider providing your guests some personalized sunglasses. They’re available in many colors and you can write on the sides of each pair. You can find affordable plastic Rayband knock-off sunglasses for this project at most general stores. Male guests will definitely like this wedding favor, too. Tip: Take photos of the wedding part with the glasses on for a fun photo opportunity!

Personalized Lip Balms

The ladies will also love this wedding favor. You can find specialized lip balms on Etsy or make your own. Personalize them for females and males. This is another great wedding favor that’s practical for your guests, especially if you’re having a winter wedding.

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