Engagement Back On for Miley and Liam!

I guess Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth haven’t had their “Last Song” yet. (Get it?)


A close-up of Miley’s engagment ring when she stepped out wearing it again in 2016.

The power couple that took us all by storm in 2009 through 2013 are looking like they’re giving love another shot–just in time for Valentine’s Day. The crazy pop star and the Australian actor met in 2009 on set of their movie, “The Last Song,” and were engaged only a few years later. In 2013, they had called off the engagement during what seemed like a very rough patch for the couple. Miley has had an interesting last couple years doing “obscene things,” and calling attention to herself at award shows, red carpet events, and just on social media in general. While her edgy self is somewhat entertaining and at times she can look fashionable, we can’t help but miss the carefree, sweet version of herself while she was dating Liam.

Looks like we may see that side of her again… maybe. Don’t get your hopes up.

She was spotted only days ago wearing the engagement ring that she wore while with Liam. She was also spotted over the holidays in Australia, spending time with the Hemsworth family, all smiles. So does this mean the engagement is officially back on? There are confirmations¬†flying that the pair have finally rekindled their relationship and that Miley never wanted it to end to begin with. Reports have surfaced that the engagement is indeed back on and the Hemsworth family couldn’t be more excited for the wedding despite their initial hesitancy when they first got engaged.

Does this mean we’ll see more Miley and Liam appearances? Most likely. Only time can tell, but we’re rooting for these two!