“Kimye” Welcomes Baby #2: What Could the Name Be?

This weekend, Kim Kardashian welcomed a baby boy into this world. Kim and Kanye West’s son was set to arrive on Christmas Day, but naturally made an early appearance. Now that North West has a younger sibling, possible rumors have been circling the Internet about what this little guy’s name will be.

People have joked since learning that Kim K. was pregnant again that the new baby would receive a “directional” name, such as South or East. It only seems fitting that the family keep up with a name tradition. The Kardashians have been infamous for their “K” names, so of course it only makes sense that Kim and Kanye stick with naming their children after the compass. When they run out of ideas, they can resort to naming their kids after Instagram filters.

So what will the baby’s name be? Kim has already announced his middle name will be Robert, named after his late grandfather. As for the first name, the couple still isn’t sure—shocker! The long-awaited naming will only draw more attention and once they decide on the name, more publicity will come their way.

On a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kourtney’s son, Mason, suggested that Kim name the new baby Preston. She laughed at the name, but was open to taking suggestions.

The most popular name circling the Internet is “Easton West.” Twitter apparently loves the name, and Kim has agreed she likes it, too. “I don’t think my husband likes that name, but I do like it,” Kim said on an episode with Ellen DeGeneres. The TV host gave a few of her ideas, too:

  • Head
  • Wild or Wild-Wild
  • Tito
  • East-Meets

Leave it to Ellen to come up with some absolutely absurd names, but then again, I’m sure Kim liked a few of those ideas too.

If I had to give a few suggestions for a celebrity baby boy’s first name, here they are:

  • Aaden West
  • Jackson West
  • Harvey West
  • Noah West (Noah and North; cute sibling names!)

Because these names rank a little more on the “normal” level, don’t expect Kimye to name the new addition to their family any of these names. Kim has said they are still unsure what his name will be, but once they decide, I’m sure we will know right away.