How Star Wars: The Force Awakens Compares to the Rest of the Series

In 1977, George Lucas introduced us to one of the best movie francises to this date. It’s one that many of us grew up with, really whether we liked it or not. I remember watching Star Wars Episode I, II, and III in theaters with my parents, really having no idea why I was sitting there. I guess I was kind of dragged along. There were intergalatic space battles, lightsabers, robots, and many more things I didn’t really understand, but nonetheless, I was still in awe.

It makes me wonder what kids my age at the time must’ve felt when they saw the first film in 1977. Of course, I went back and watched Episodes IV-VI eventually as a kid, but Star Wars has certainly evolved into a massive media frenzy since the 70s. The films themselves have become “smarter,” and by that, I mean more advanced as technology has progressed. Look at Episode !-II for example. They were significally more advanced, but likely not as much as they could have been 10 years later.

That brings me to my question, how exactly will Star Wars: The Force Awakens compare to the rest of the hit franchise? Will it be better? About the same? Or, could it be surprisingly terrible?

We don’t need to ask the question whether or not Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be more advanced. It certainly will, no doubt. J.J. Abrams directed the new film. If you know anything about J.J. Abrams, you know that he’s all about lens flares. Think: Star Trek. Abrams has also done a lot other hit films and television series, including LOST, Armageddon, Super 8, Mission Impossible, and so many other epic films and shows. (If there are no lens flares in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I will be thouroughly disappointed.)

With all that said, it’s obvious that the technological aspect of this film will be on point with what we know now. As for the Abrams’ style, he has one all on his own. He has admitted that, although Disney wanted to start fresh with this reboot, they wanted it to ultimately be a continuation, but with a new direction entirely. “…I can say the spirit of it, the feeling of it, the continuum and telling a brand new story set in a world that just like VI from V and V from IV would feel like a continuum, is always the thing [Larry Kasden] and I wanted to do,” Abrams said in an interview.

In this new film, we can also expect many actors reprising their roles, including Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, Carrie Fisher as Leia, and of course, Harrison Ford as Han Solo. Also, Anthony Daniels will once again play C-3PO, and Kenny Baker will also reprise is role as the loveable, super wise robot, R2-D2. And who could forget Chewbacca? Peter Mayhew will also reprise his role as the furry warrior.

So there you have it–Star Wars: The Force Awakens will have a similar feel to the previous films (as it should), but naturally, we can all expect this film to be sort of like a restoration of the entire series.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens premieres in theaters tomorrow December 17 at most theaters at 7 p.m.