Easy Recipes for Creative Christmas Treats

In less than two weeks, Christmas will be here. Even though places that normally receive snow by now haven’t yet felt the “normal” Christmas season due to warmer temps, that doesn’t mean we put off our holiday spirit. The holidays are for enjoying family, friends, and good food. I’ve compiled a list of easy holiday recipes to make some delicious Christmas treats for your family and friends.

Creative Christmas Tree Vegetable Platter

If you’re looking for a more healthy, festive tray to serve to your guests as you wait for the completion of Christmas dinner, look no further than an absolutely adorable Christmas treet platter. It’s a creative shareable dish that will take you no time at all–just a little bit of broccoli, tomoatoes, cauliflower, and creativity.

M&M and Mike and Ike Christmas Lights

This is something fun for the kids to do if you’re looking for another shareable candy dish. All you need is a bag of peanut or almond m&ms, Mike and Ikes to make some colorful candy Christmas bulbs. Parents: you’ll also need a knife and a lighter to help cut and melt down the candy pieces to stick together.

Reindeer Cupcakes

These are just like ordinary chocolate cupcakes, but with adorable reindeer faces on top. You’ll need cupcake mix to make the actual cupcake, a vanilla wafer for the face, chocoalate m&ms for the nose (red if you want to make some Rudolph versions), pretzels for the antlers, and black and white icing for its eyes. These reindeer cupcakes are unique and great for kids to make their own!