Thanksgiving Side Dishes You Have to Try

The Day of Thanks is just around the corner–the day when we all get a relaxing time spent with family and friends, and surrounded by delicious food. Thanksgiving is a tradition in many families, and even the food has its own tradtion. Your aunt might bring the same casserole and your grandma might whip up the same seven-layer salad she always makes. This Thanksgiving, surprise your guests with something new! There are endless food options, so why stick with the same oridinary mashed potato recipe you’ve been making for years? Here are some delicious sides you should consider cooking up for your family this Thanksgiving:

Herbed Sausage, Cranberry & Apple Stuffing

This savory, sweet recipe takes a spin on the classic salty stuffing we’re all used to. This one, though, is a sweet-and-salty take on the tradition. It involves all the classic Thanksgiving ingredients–apples, cranberries, celery, chicken broth, and more. You can find this recipe atĀ Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Garlic & Chive Mashed Potatoes

If you’ve still been cooking plain mashed potatoes all these years, you’re doing it wrong. It’s time to step up your mashed potato game and treat your dinner guests to something a little more savory. It might take a little more work than tradtional mashed potatoes, but it’ll all be worth it. It encompasses all kinds of ingredients to give you creamy, garlic potatoes. You can find this delicious recipe at Natasha’s Kitchen.

Green Bean Casserole

You’ve never made Green Bean Casserole like this before. Straight from Sally’s Baking Addition, this recipe coordinates all kinds of ingredients: green beans (of course), onion, egg, mushrooms, chicken broth, and minced roasted garlic. It makes the perfect crunchy, yet creamy casserole.

Brussels Sprouts & Squash with Dijon Vinaigrette

If you don’t like brussels sprouts, you soon will after trying this dish. This recipe combines holiday favorites like butternut squash, cranberries, DijonĀ mustard, and freshly ground black pepper. You can find this recipe at Blogging Over Thyme.

Green Chili Corn Bread

Take your corn bread to the next level. Incorporate some roasted green chilis and you have a perfect recipe for some tasty corn bread. This incorporates all the classic corn bread ingredients–corn, cornmeal, flour, baking soda, eggs–with little bit extra. Add in some shredded cheddar or Monterey Jack cheese, and some chopped roasted green chilis (Anaheim or Hatch). This recipe makes a moist corn bread with the savory touch of green chilis. You can find this recipe at Simply Recipes.