Girl Scouts Raise Cookie Prices–A Look Back on Previous Years

If you haven’t had delicious Thin Mints or the yummy peanut-buttery Tagalongs, you’re missing out… and you’ve definitely been living under a rock your whole life. Girl Scout cookie consumers will be paying a little more if they want to eat some Samoas/Caramel deLites or Toffee-tastic cookies. The boxes of cookies, which were $4 will increase to $5. Which means, come Girl Scout cookie season in January, you’ll be paying an extra dollar for any boxes of cookies you desire (which is all of them).

The biggest reason for the increase comes from the fact that girls were not making enough money, even though they were selling a large quantity. The Girl Scouts don’t see this has a common yearly occurance, however. The last time cookie prices increased was back in 2007–8 years ago.

The Original Girl Scout Cookies

The cookies you knew in the early 2000s were not the real original cookies. Some of the original cookies in the early 2000s were Tagalongs, Somoas, Thin Mints (easily the most popular), and Do-si-dos among others, however quite a few have been given name changes and some have been newly introduced into the bunch.

Within the past couple years, The Girl Scouts have introduced Cranberry Citrus Crisps, Lemonades, Toffee-tastic, and Rah-Rah Raisins, along with other changes.

Girl Scout Cookie Prices Throughout the Years

In the very beginning, the original cookies were made in a kitchen years ago, and contrary to our beliefs, cost less than a quarter. Eventually, with demand, prices increased as more cookies needed to be made. Prices have increased throughout the years, $2 that eventually turned into $3, and so on. See below for the chart from 1922 to