Black Friday Shopping Tips You Haven’t Thought Of

We all think we know the tips and tricks to the biggest shopping day of the year. Wake up early, get in line first. Camp out if you’re a diehard shopper and you want to be the first to snag that deal. We’ve all been there, done that. There are some tips, though, that you might not have considered. Shoppers are so focused on the deal, they forget about some of the most important aspects of the biggest retail day of the year.

Stick to Your Plan

If you have one, that is. Some shoppers have what they want in mind, and make a beeline for their desired store. A shopping plan, though, is key to staying organized in the midst of all the craziness. Map out a strategy and make a list of the items you came for. Don’t divert from the plan. You’ll only spend more thant you didn’t anticipate spending, and miss out on the really good deals.

Wear Layers

If you’re a diehard Black Friday shopper, then you probably already know this. But to those that have yet to venture into the cold, shopping world, make sure you button up. Lines will extend pass doors and sometimes, you might be waiting an hour or so until you get inside–that is, if you arrive early.

Plan a Brunch

Don’t starve while you’re out shopping. Plan a time that you can take a break and go grab a quick bite to eat. You’ll need the energy. If you can’t be bothered to stop for a bite, plan one after your shopping excursion. Plan a social gathering and catch up with friends. Maybe you found something they didn’t, and you can brag about your extreme shopping knowledge.

Divide and Conquer

If you came with family, divide and conquer–the best phrase when it comes to Black Friday shopping. This will not only be efficient, but also faster, meaning you have more time to snag Black Friday deals at the next retailer.

Not All “Doorbusters” Are Deals

Unfortunately, they’re not. Retailers will get you. Black Friday doorbuster deals are simply gimicks from the retailer to get you inside their store. Doorbuster deails are often low-brand or no-name products that are cheap anyway. You might read, “Laptops under $100” in the ads, but at the store, you can expect nothing short of low-quality laptops that aren’t worth your money anyway.
Target Doorbuster

Be a smart shopper this Black Friday, and plan ahead. Black Friday this year is Nov. 27, 2015.