6 Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas

The big wedding day is going to be centered on the bride and groom. The bride will be worried about her makeup, her dress, her hair–as she should be. But let’s not forget about those individuals who have been so close to the bride for all those years–the bridesmaids. Choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress and color theme is probably one of the biggest hurdles to get over as a group of girlfriends. The next steps are hair and makeup.

So many girls fight with themselves back and forth–which is better: updo or downdo? However you do it, there are endless options to choose from. You just might need the right hairdresser.

While the bride may have some say over how the bridesmaids present themselves, some brides give their girls free reign. However the bride chooses to do it, here are some classic bridesmaid hairstyles for any wedding to get your hairdo search started:

Bridesmaids Updos (Buns):

Buns are classic, yet elegant. You don’t see a lot of individuals wearing buns today, and I’m not sure why. They are nice especially for summer weddings or weddings in the south when it’s hot and sticky. They keep hair out of the way, and once the bun is complete, you can’t really do much to mess it up.

It’s possible we don’t see as many bridesmaid updos because they make the hair feel constrained and tight, but not all buns have to be perfect with every hair tucked away. Some of the best bridesmaid updos are those that are bit looser with some fly-aways.

As you’ll see below, there are three different types of bun arrangements, but all pretty similar. The first incorporates a braid wrapped around the head, giving the hairstyle a youthful, innocent look. The braid is nearly perfect, yet the bun hangs low and is loose–it’s a perfect bridesmaid hairstyle.

The second is more knotty. You will have to have a lot of hair for this one. These bridesmaid updos tend to be a bit tighter, but as you can see with this one, the hairstylist has tugged on the knots a bit to loosen them. Add a flower, and there you have it. The perfect bridesmaid updo.

Lastly, the third bun is a more timeless look. It’s easily the most perfect out of the three, but this one is great for any season–even winter. Though this bun looks easy, it takes a lot more work to get it just right. If are you looking the perfect low bun updo, this one is perfect. It’s even a bit more loose than you might expect.

Bridesmaid Hairdo
Bridesmaid Hairdo
Bridesmaid Hairdo

Bridesmaids Downdos:

A classic look that many bridesmaids are going for is the downdo, or down/up hairstyle. These are beautiful and great for winter weddings. The first you’ll see is a straight downdo look–a pretty simple style, and one that would not take much time at all if you have naturally straight hair. Pulling back the sides does the same trick a bun would do, but simply with the hair hanging in the back. Brides and bridesmaids want to keep their hair out of their face, especially come time for the reception.

The second style is a much more defined look that could take a bit longer, but worth it nonetheless. The bottom half is much curlier than the top, leaving room for a wide braide to pull back the hair.

The last is bit more simple than the second, but still pretty and noteworthy. Wavy hair is elegant and this style has a very subtle wave to it–almost a straight look with the end having some movement to them. The twisted hair pulled back sits at the base of the neck. This is almost a free-spirited style. It’s clean, yet elegant, and there really is no way to mess it up.

Bridesmaid Hairdo
Bridesmaid Hairdo
Bridesmaid Hairdo

About the Author: Jamie is a guest contributor from Inner Banks Inn, a bed and breakfast and restaurant located in Edenton, North Carolina, offering special events such as weddings.