Target Halloween Ad Features Girl with Disability

We are seeing more and more diversity and inclusion in everyday life–from television shows, to catalogs, to movies, to advertisements.

In a recent Halloween ad from retailer Target, a disabled girl dressed up as Elsa from Disney’s Frozen is included among the other children in costume. The ad features this girl with a disability, pictured holding cruches and braces–dressed up as Elsa. People immediately thanked and applauded Target for its inclusion and way of normalizing children with disabilities. People took to Twitter with pictures of the ad and thanked them for their kind example.

This is not the first time, however, that Target has included differently abled children in their advertisements. They previously featured a child with Down syndrome in their ads, and the chain has also committed to removing gender labels on children’s products.

If you search through Target’s online store, and search for girl’s costumes, you’ll even find a few boy costumes scattered among the bunch. It’s clear that Target has been trying to normalize gender and differently abled people–which the public is very happy to see.

Other companies have featured children with disabilities in the past. Earlier this summer, Madeline Stuart, a model with Down syndrome, made headlines for walking in Fashion Week. She has been featured in several clothing advertisments, as well. Comcast also featured Emily, a blind girl, in one of its ads where she described how she saw the world of “Oz.”

About the Author: Kevin is a guest contributor from Global Lift Corp., an ADA compliant pool lift manufacturer, offering safe and reliable pool access.